Palm can not reverse the slide shares fell 34.5% last week

A year ago, Palm handheld equipment manufacturers seem to make a comeback. The new Palm smartphone Palm Pre held in Los Angeles, the annual equipment show won "Best Exhibit Award." Palm for Palm Pre will help it regain some of the previous brilliant high hopes.

However, this did not happen. Palm Pre sales have been disappointing. Palm's stock has been a severe blow last week, they fell 34.5%, Friday's closing price of 6.09 U.S. dollars.

Palm predicted its third-quarter revenue will reach 300 million to 320 million U.S. dollars, far below Wall Street forecasts of 4.2 billion dollars. Stimulated by this news, Palm shares fell sharply.

Palm said that, due to this result, its annual sales revenue will be far less than the 1.6 billion to 1.8 billion U.S. dollars of annual target.

Palm introduced in the 90's first Pocket PC. However, in recent years, Palm has been lagging behind Nokia, Apple and RIM and other competitors.

Palm Pre touch-screen smart phone seems to be highly competitive in recent years, Palm's smart phone market regain some market share in the best opportunity. However, the sales weakness in the situation so that analysts expressed doubts about the future of Palm.

Some analysts believe that, Palm's future is ambiguous. Independent analyst Carmi Levy told AFP that it is now very easy to draw such a conclusion, Palm actually had no alternative. With the recent announcement, Palm's future has become more gloomy.

Levy that, Palm has many patents and talents because, it is possible to become a major takeover target. Palm may become RIM's goals, because RIM is seeking a larger scale to enter the consumer market.

247WallSt.com analyst McIntyre said there are often rumors that Nokia or Microsoft to buy Palm. Now, Palm so weak, no other company wants it.