Video Web Collective change: "toll + free" into a new mode of

While the domestic video site ended up in court proceedings to resolve copyright issues with each other when the U.S. video oldest are already considering whether to break the video free of charge mode. All the signs indicate that the "charge + free" video site is expected to become a new profit model.

Genuine resources into the development of an essential prerequisite for

United States's second-largest video site Hulu has announced that is considering the launch of its subscription service, you want to watch last season television series users need to pay 4.99 U.S. dollars per month; Coincidentally, the world's largest video site YouTube, said then to begin testing a video rental service the future will attempt to pay part of the video service.

In fact, the charging mode in China has long been the first person to eat crab, as early as in the current priority of China's three cool video site network, potatoes net, Cool 6 network before the establishment of music as the network was established in October 2004 when they created a unique "charge + free "model, has achieved profitability.

According to Le, as the network's senior vice president of LIU Hong introduction, and potatoes and other video sharing Web sites are different from TV networks dedicated to building the early days of China's largest film and television drama distribution portal. After five years of copyright accumulation, depending on network music collection already has 40000 TV series and more than 3,000 films and won about 60% of domestic hot exclusive network of copyright films and television shows. "If you want to attract from TV networks such as Nokia, Samsung, IBM multinational companies in this category or brand customers, you have to pay close attention to Web content, not only must not have illegal content, even the vulgar are not allowed . "Clearly, the resources have a legitimate copyright video from TV networks an essential prerequisite for long-term development.

After five years of exploration, music, as the network formed its own unique profit model: The combination of paid and free, paid mainly by the model of online movies and television distribution of income and business income of the composition of membership service fees, free pattern mainly by the Internet Advertising co-operating income and gaming income.

Is difficult to avoid the traditional money-burning mode of funding crisis

In addition to music, as the network of other domestic video sites are also beginning to explore on the charging mode. Which, PPSteam recently been trying to fees and charges, the company responsible person said, there are about 30% of revenue comes from user fees, while 70% comes from advertising.

In addition, 56 network will also officially launched the paid video distribution platform, shoot-off, original authors and content side of the platform issued through the video and watch from the user to get benefits paid. The 56 net view, the video site fees are an important complement to free mode, with the increase of Taobao users as well as the popularity of online games, the domestic Internet users are accustomed to paying.

As the size of the largest users of video sites, excellent cool network, said that with regard to video programming Internet users demand more and more personalized, video websites to the trend of charging users gradually clear that the company previously had some of the test water, such as Guo Degang crosstalk, custom type of program would have achieved good results.
At present a number of video sharing websites are basically relying on advertising to get the benefits. However, this pattern is very early in the development of "money-burning", once the capital chain problems, it difficult to sustain. This means that video site need to find a suitable path to profitability is the root of the problem to avoid these. Beginning in 2007 years, from TV networks for 3 consecutive years of revenue growth over 100%, has proved entirely genuine video site to highlight piracy worries, get high profit return. However, some analysts have pointed out that the video site to the user fees that the industry gradually began to mature, but also in the content of the collection will thus pay a higher cost.

Improve the quality of content to attract advertisers

Judging from the current situation, the content from TV networks to genuine, long video-centric, while the domestic part of the video sharing websites more content comes from grass-roots short video upload, and there is a lot of ambiguity and pirated copyright content. Comparison of the commercial value of individual users, music, as the network is clearly stronger than the other video sharing websites, which is the company's rapid growth in recent years, the source of advertising revenue.

TV Plus network key to success lies in the user traffic is not bigger, but the video quality to attract those who have a high demand for the small number of users. This strategy can bring at least two distinct positive, one of these users to be more willing to pay the cost of high-quality video resources, and secondly, that can significantly reduce the flow pressure from TV networks and effective control of Web server and bandwidth costs.

It is understood that a number of video websites claim that in fact its high-definition video stream that is 300-400Kbps, while the music as online paid subscribers watching the video they have already attained 1000Kbps, and the whole station with leading video encoding technology, H.264, compared to the technology MPEG2 used in traditional DVD standard, quality is more delicate, high-fidelity color reproduction, the user can enjoy a clearer picture with more image details. Facts have proved that music in recent years as the main source of growth in net profit, it is the proliferation of paying customers. In the LIU Hong opinion, Chinese netizens video resources for the genuine willingness to pay than we imagine, we should be more positive.