Since the Yankees took no 2001 world champion

Yankees 17, Tampa, Florida, held at the headquarters of high-level meeting pellets for attention at coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) be removed from office, and not a resolution, but according to New Jersey media, rumor is most likely to replace Torre location of bench coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly) to the top revealed that at present no plan to take over the Yankees to arms.

Since the Yankees took no 2001 world champion, is even more recent three quarters of all first round Chuang, however, Torre naturally become the media "flak", but happens Torre's coaching style popular players love, so the big players Rivera (Mariano Rivera), Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez), Clemens (Roger Clemens) have come out even behind, the pressure of public opinion harmony with the team how to handle your boss (George Steinbrenner) dilemma.


Orders issued before the Diamondbacks winning the first three runners on base bureau has

Orders issued before the Diamondbacks winning the first three runners on base bureau has, however, are fielding Rocky to resolve the double play, the audience alone Renos (Mark Reynolds) solo shot on the four Board broken egg, drop He Angeles coach more than (Clint Hurdle) said proudly: "wonderful start to rely on the momentum of the garrison to suppress opponents of great help stabilize the team morale."

Rockies starting pitcher Fogg (Josh Fogg) 3 double plays in mate garrison escorted pitched six innings only to lose 1 minute, scored a career playoff wins first start.

Has been pushed to the cliff edge of the rattlesnake, expect to repeat in 2004 ALCS Red Sox 4 game winning streak after 3 straight plays major reversal of code, with a total refining teaching Melvin (Bob Melvin) stressed: "In the opponents have not won the fourth wins, we all have a chance, the premise is to first find ways to break through the Rocky home. "

Series 16, Taipei time fourth war continue to be held in Denver, Owens launched Diamondbacks (Micah Owings) starting the first full snatching victory, Rocky Zeyi only 21-year-old rookie lefthander Molaliesi (Franklin Morales) fight .


Coach of the Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi) are possible candidates to succeed Torre

Media named Mattingly, Cardinals coach La Lusha (Tony La Russa), and 2006 National League Coach of the Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi) are possible candidates to succeed Torre, but said everyone in unison to arms challenging to take over the Yankees high, the loudest voices Mattingly said his successor: "Joe led the Yankees set a lot of greatness or that this is a crack has a fine tradition, regardless of who took to arms, not easy."

Despite the uproar outside, the recent high-level meeting with Yankees general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman) insists on not reveal tone, "Torre fate of requires careful consideration, we must have patience, the next few days may not have a clear answer . "Cashman said.


Red Sox formidable three or four rod combination Ortiz

Boston Red Sox play a strong cast play the character today, in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) American League first-round playoff battle with nine more than a third victory over the Los Angeles Angels, in five sets format series of three zero sweep Angels American League Championship promotion.

Red Sox formidable three or four rod combination Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, four-inning home runs to break the deadlock after another two spring, together with Red Sox pitcher Schilling Qiju scoreless performance by the , Red Sox following yesterday's National League Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, after a third entered the League Championship Series support team.

Nicknamed "Dad" and Ortiz against Recent excellent, and the angels series five hits in seven at bats, including two home runs, and the other was six walks.

Ramirez not much better in the second field after the bye three bonus not to, today and win their second home runs of this series. Career in the playoffs now Ramirez has blasted 22 home runs, tying the New York Yankees retired star Williams, tied for first place in major league history.


Hit the first home run of the Youjilisi Council

Hit the first home run of the Youjilisi Council, then a base hit Red Sox lead the second wave of attack, Ortiz followed up on a career in the playoffs for the ninth Red let, this two- Sub-gun depth right field bleachers, so the Red Sox won three in a leading zero, followed by Luo Yier supplemented on a first base hit, walked back through to second base and wild pitch on the Manny Ramirez, Red Sox four points lead on performance is impeccable Becket is more than enough.

This is the Red Sox since October 27, 2004 swept the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series championship, the first win in the playoffs.

American League first round second match tomorrow will be the Cleveland Indians against the Yankees at home. Red Sox and Angels tomorrow truce day on the 5th the Red Sox home rematch.


Los Angeles to win a chance to grab a wild card increases competition

Los Angeles to win a chance to grab a wild card increases competition, leading the Brewers to hear priests, Los financial players and home fans are very excited to start a large counterattack, 8 Council, the National League batting Halladay (Matt Holliday) hits get ahead of points, Hope (Brad Hawpe) has played the hits and two RBIs for Los Angeles the victory too lean. Los Angeles won 14 games last season with 13 games, 89 wins also set a club history.

Metropolitan of the Canadian Tour in 1999 made the National League beat the Reds after the wild card, for the first time at the Canadian Tour, Life in the face of it a field game, "We must win," the priest Gales said: "It is a field set win or lose. "Rocky strong beat Halladay said:" This is not over, we have to survive into the playoffs. "Rocky Pavey ready to send ace pitcher (Jake Peavy) to vote in this Canadian Tour.


After winning the Red Sox, and Yankees margin of victory widened to three games

Boston Red Sox 27, Taipei time at home to hit the 17 hits! To 11:6 victory over the Oakland Athletics, the AL East champion the magic number remaining two games, last time they won the division title 12 years ago.

"We are very pleased to at least a wild card into the playoffs," Ortiz (David Ortiz), said after the game: "We played well all year, we hope to win the division title, only almost o'clock. "

After winning the Red Sox, and Yankees margin of victory widened to three games, both left the last 4 regular season games, the Red Sox can take off and then 2 wins division title.


Red Sox's Butterfly Ball master Wakefield (Tim Wakefield) disorders

Red Sox's Butterfly Ball master Wakefield (Tim Wakefield) disorders, this time on the Devil Rays, and the Taipei Bureau of time on the 24th vote was 5 to play seven hits, off 4 points, Red Sox comeback weakness, eventually lost 4:5 ball.

This game, although Wakefield sent five strikeouts, but walked three times, 2 Board was Yonge (Delmon Young) hit two points is the fatal shot, "I'm not able to get out of the shadow of defeat, "Wakefield said after the game:" Although we have to make the playoffs, but we expected to win the division title. "Wakefield has been the bane Devil Rays, play against the road several times before, record is bright 9 wins 0 lose the eye, his career against the Devil Rays, is 19 wins and 2 losses, the failure of his 1st home in the Devil Rays lose.

"I actually not bad condition," Wakefield said: "But the first two inning hit 2 points Yonge gun, hurt me a lot, they (Tampa Bay) played well today, I can not suppress their lives play line. "

Yonge after the game, said: "I do not know what happened, he just threw the ball very common, and I will bat hit the lackluster, did not expect this wave of the whole base on Hui Chu play, you may find it amazing, but before the fight and I did not make much difference. "

As the Yankees to 7-5 win Blue Jays in the AL East leading niche that war, and the Red Sox's margin of victory shrink to 1.5 games.


Just promoted to high-end 1A, Chen Junxiu war with 3 hits

Taiwanese player Chen Junxiu l Order 1A Kinston Indians on the Indians after the war, Taipei time, blasted 10 1 red let, and he hits two at bats were outstanding performance.

Chen Junxiu season starting from the Indians 1A, the best performance this year against the Taiwan-American player in 1A, Chen Junxiu rate of 3 percent against 12, hit 68, including 21 two-base hit, three-base hit and 6 home runs, as the performance of quite outstanding, Chen Junxiu Western Union Star team was selected not only, also selected to participate in Future Star Star Game, the performance of Indian team definitely Chen Junxiu, early in July he was promoted to high-end 1A .

Just promoted to high-end 1A, Chen Junxiu war with 3 hits, and today he is fully open fire, not only blasted the first one in the high H-1A, also knocked a base hit, to fully demonstrate the power of a long fight, so be walked 3, since the two bats were hits, Chen Junxiu current rate is 2 percent against 94.

Jiang Zhixian 2A Portland Sea Dogs Red Sox 4 at bats today, 2 hits, 1 RBI, 2 into the 33 season batting average, Lin Zhexuan 2 hit number 1 hits, batting average 2 percent 57; Twins 1ABeloit Snappers 3 at bats Lin Wang Wei 1 hits, batting average 2 percent 08; Bay Area Coalition Yankees (GCL Yankees) 4 Guo Fu Lin hit number 1 hits, batting average 1 into 70.


Sailor's ZHANG Yao-wen high season debut new board relay

Sailor's ZHANG Yao-wen high season debut new board relay, pitched three, a total beaten eight hits, lost six points in five ERA, also had three strikeouts, Pulaski Mariners to nil to 14 defeat to the cloth Lufeierde Orioles. The Reds rookie of the Billings Mustangs hit the high playoff 14 Board only lost by three to four Great Falls travelers, Yeo Kai relay was hit three hits 2.2 Authority no mistake.

Reds rookie Arizona League of Jibo Cheng relay only be played one council a base hit, three walks, but there are also two wild pitch, so it lost a third of, Reds 12 lost more than 15 wine people.


A rising star in Major League Tournament announced today

Chen Junxiu outstanding season, Shang Banji a game 52 games in 195 at bats in the payment of a .318/.374/.544 (batting average / on base percentage / Slugging percentage), six home runs, 36 RBI in assisting their respective Lake County Captains (Cleveland Indians 1A) won the Western League East champion Shang Banji, into the playoffs, he was also named Western League All-Star Game, and eventually selected for Tomorrow Members of Star Tournament.

A rising star in Major League Tournament announced today, Western Union also held All-Star Game, Chen Junxiu as the Eastern starting catcher rod 7, a Council on stolen bases caught one, then play against the next 2 Board when know their hits on the base, unfortunately blow was struck 2nd


Pirates just finished 17 straight away

Pirates just finished 17 straight away, but the Cubs game nine innings scored only one point domett solo shot, Cubs Suoruiyanuo staged a single field Pom, with pitcher Leary Qiju lost a brilliant performance by sub- Sheng, pirates last four games and lay a total of only five.

Astros starting pitcher Myers was the sixth inning knocked the Brewers lost a total of four homers and seven, including Feld's Pom; but the astronauts catch up with five to nine innings, on seven, only the last Stick Pans play grounder left two on base.


The End of Leicester Council voted 9 only lose points

The End of Leicester Council voted 9 only lose points is the Council in paragraph 1, the giant pioneer Torres (Andres Torres) in the hit after hit play on foot more, Lian Pao 2 Pirates of the third base Lei Bao , Finally, relying on Huff (Aubrey Huff) infield grounder back to home plate scoring. But this Giants offensive also shut down, and then more again from the hands of Leicester knocked four hits, did not add more firewood to any points.

And Leicester this battle with the ball a few concise, complete only 103 Board voted 9 ball soared out of 9 Old Mr. Chang also K, 1 walks in, the 2nd season individual performance, but also finished his first six degrees cast wins.


Kuo batter again show restraint skill

Kuo batter again show restraint skill, yesterday the Yankees, Dodgers Game 2 inter-union competition, Kuo on the board early in the six Council board to replace Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. He cast 1.2 The Board can not lose points, scored the first 12 relay points, and then earned run average dropped to 1.16.

Kuo Dodge when playing the leading 7 to 4, Yankees 1 out, 1, second base with runners on. For the sake of insurance, the old coach Joe Torre early release Kuo, and he delivers the goods, first struck out Jeter, Jorge Posada pinch again to solve, defuse the crisis.

7 inning Kuo continue to vote, let Ta Xiela hit a fly ball out to right field; another strikeout A-Rod, the last one ball is 96 miles (nearly 155 km) of the speed ball, A-Rod can only stand and watch helpless through the strike zone. Then let AP Kuo, "against the king," Cannone labeled pitcher before the balls, the successful conclusion of the last half. He faced a total of 5 people, not knock hits, sending 2K, performed perfectly.

Dodge won the last 9 to 4, Kuroda won 7 wins (5 lost); Yankees Barnett situation remains in the doldrums, 6, 5 starts, the month of actually Kutun 5 game losing streak, cast 23 Bureau, lost 29 points, are responsible for loss, one-month rate of 11.35 ERA.