Launch BlackBerry version of the Amazon Kindle can be read 420,000 e-books

According to foreign media reports, Amazon announced the launch of "BlackBerry Kindle" software, which can be downloaded free of charge in the Amazon Web site. Since then, BlackBerry users can read more than 420,000 e-books, of which 102 ranked "The New York Times" bestseller list.

Amazon Whispersync technology to help users in their own Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC and the BlackBerry bookmarks between the contribution and synchronization, do not have to worry about without the book can be read or can not find the bookmarks. The technology will also be landing in the near future Mac and the iPad. In the Amazon Web site's "most desired" and "best-selling products" list on the Kindle are ranked first, and now BlackBerry user only from download the free software you can enjoy the fun brought Kindle .

Amazon Kindle, vice president in charge of Ian Fried (Ian Freed) mentioned that "Since last year we launched the iPhone mobile phone software has been the most popular Kindle, consumers have been like on the BlackBerry can also have the same experience, and we are very excited and ultimately achieve their aspirations. With the Kindle, BlackBerry users can enjoy anytime, anywhere to read, whether in the meeting, the store or doctor's office to pass the long waiting time, bookmark sharing and synchronization will not let you forget where the last read. I think users will like the BlackBerry, on both simple and enjoyable way of reading. "

Now, anyone with a BlackBerry, whether it is AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon or any other U.S. carriers users can download the Kindle software radio for free and enjoy more than 420 thousand kinds of books (mostly low-priced at 9.99 U.S. dollars, or flat), including "The New York Times" bestseller chart entries, as well as recently released book.

BlackBerry version of Kindle attached to the main functions:

BlackBerry mobile phone to search and browse, including 102 kinds of "New York Times" bestseller chart entries, including more than 420,000 of the e-book.

Experience the best shopping experience Kindle without exit the software can be downloaded from e-book excerpt or the whole of this.

Free initial chapters of probation.

Access to Amazon's online digital library, and store e-books purchased before.

Compatible with the Kindle reading device to achieve the progress of automatic synchronization.

Sharing user Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone or iPod touch set up bookmarks and notes.

Amendments to the text book size.

Reading, including children, classes, cooking classes, travel class, textbook categories, as well as fiction, including full-color book.