Google Reader Google spokesman confirmed that real-time updates

Google spokesman confirmed that Google Reader has achieved real-time updates and support subscription agreement PubSubHubbub real-time updates appear on the Google Reader page. Google in the next few days, official news on the matter.

Hot previous blog or news site should be half an hour after the update to appear in the Google Reader. The protocol now supports PubSubHubbub feeds (including RSS feeds) the article can be eliminated almost immediately appear on the Google Reader.

Google Reader launch of the blog writers and readers began to complain about updating lag issues. But Google has not been an effective solution to this problem.

PubSubHubbub agreement was signed by Google employees Brett Slatkin, and Brad Fitzpatrick R & D pubsub (publish / subscribe) protocol, can significantly shorten the feeds from the publisher to be found in the time between the client. Google in July 2009 was officially released this agreement, then successively applied to the Google product Blogger, Google Alert, and Reader them.

Should be noted that, Google Reader, real-time updates to support PubSubHubbub the agreement applies only to the blog.