Palm can not reverse the slide shares fell 34.5% last week

A year ago, Palm handheld equipment manufacturers seem to make a comeback. The new Palm smartphone Palm Pre held in Los Angeles, the annual equipment show won "Best Exhibit Award." Palm for Palm Pre will help it regain some of the previous brilliant high hopes.

However, this did not happen. Palm Pre sales have been disappointing. Palm's stock has been a severe blow last week, they fell 34.5%, Friday's closing price of 6.09 U.S. dollars.

Palm predicted its third-quarter revenue will reach 300 million to 320 million U.S. dollars, far below Wall Street forecasts of 4.2 billion dollars. Stimulated by this news, Palm shares fell sharply.

Palm said that, due to this result, its annual sales revenue will be far less than the 1.6 billion to 1.8 billion U.S. dollars of annual target.

Palm introduced in the 90's first Pocket PC. However, in recent years, Palm has been lagging behind Nokia, Apple and RIM and other competitors.

Palm Pre touch-screen smart phone seems to be highly competitive in recent years, Palm's smart phone market regain some market share in the best opportunity. However, the sales weakness in the situation so that analysts expressed doubts about the future of Palm.

Some analysts believe that, Palm's future is ambiguous. Independent analyst Carmi Levy told AFP that it is now very easy to draw such a conclusion, Palm actually had no alternative. With the recent announcement, Palm's future has become more gloomy.

Levy that, Palm has many patents and talents because, it is possible to become a major takeover target. Palm may become RIM's goals, because RIM is seeking a larger scale to enter the consumer market.

247WallSt.com analyst McIntyre said there are often rumors that Nokia or Microsoft to buy Palm. Now, Palm so weak, no other company wants it.


Microsoft's request for approval of a judge shut down the U.S. 277 a malicious Web site

According to "Wall Street Journal" reported that Microsoft has demanded the closure of a number of published spam and harmful computer code of the Web site's request has been approved by the court. Alexandria, Virginia, a federal judge approved Microsoft's proposed closure of 277 Internet domain name requests. Microsoft said that those Internet domain names with a zombie network-related.

Botnets are computers infected by the army formed. Hacker can be a small machine control these infected computers.

According to reports, Microsoft designed the zombie network operators to re-establish the link to connect to the network before the secret to this zombie network to provide communication channels. Microsoft this week, a prosecution, said this goal is the name of botnets Waledac.

Judge Brinkema's order to require Internet service providers, VeriSign Security and naming the temporary closure of suspicious Internet addresses.

Internet security company NetWitness on February 18 issued a report, a new type of computer virus has broken the world's 2,500 institutions of almost 7.5 million computers, including the popular social networking Web site user accounts.


Google Reader Google spokesman confirmed that real-time updates

Google spokesman confirmed that Google Reader has achieved real-time updates and support subscription agreement PubSubHubbub real-time updates appear on the Google Reader page. Google in the next few days, official news on the matter.

Hot previous blog or news site should be half an hour after the update to appear in the Google Reader. The protocol now supports PubSubHubbub feeds (including RSS feeds) the article can be eliminated almost immediately appear on the Google Reader.

Google Reader launch of the blog writers and readers began to complain about updating lag issues. But Google has not been an effective solution to this problem.

PubSubHubbub agreement was signed by Google employees Brett Slatkin, and Brad Fitzpatrick R & D pubsub (publish / subscribe) protocol, can significantly shorten the feeds from the publisher to be found in the time between the client. Google in July 2009 was officially released this agreement, then successively applied to the Google product Blogger, Google Alert, and Reader them.

Should be noted that, Google Reader, real-time updates to support PubSubHubbub the agreement applies only to the blog.


Google Gears browser plug-ins to give up the key development HTML5

Google Gears project manager IanFette Friday announced through the blog, Google will give up on the Gears support for the project.

Gears is a browser plug-in, you can allow users offline access to Gmail and other web applications. Google as early as in July last year, once said, and will emphasize the development of HTML5, and will not continue to develop Mac version of Gears, but then did not give specific information.

Feith Friday in GearsAPI blog, published an article entitled "Hello HTML5" article. He pointed out that, Gears in the past few months have not conducted much reason to upgrade because of its team has shifted its focus to the HTML5 as the Chrome browser with the deployment of the same functionality. So far, Google Chrome has added a database API, workers, local storage and WebSocket and other functions, will be added soon LocalServerAPI and geo-positioning capabilities. Have these feature, Gears becomes unnecessary, at least for Chrome is true.

Feith said that as the development of shift in emphasis, so support for Gears will also be gradually reduced. From now on, Google will no longer be available for Apple's Snow Leopard operating system, Gears plug-in support. At the same time, for Firefox and IE version of Gears support will also be gradually reduced and eventually completely abandoned. Feith said: "We will not longer actively developing new features and investment resources."

The industry believes that the hope of finding a way Google Gears applications can be transferred to the HTML5 camp and its users. Although there is no effective method, but Google seems to be waiting for developers to embrace the embrace of HTML5, which eventually completely abandoned Gears.


Launch BlackBerry version of the Amazon Kindle can be read 420,000 e-books

According to foreign media reports, Amazon announced the launch of "BlackBerry Kindle" software, which can be downloaded free of charge in the Amazon Web site. Since then, BlackBerry users can read more than 420,000 e-books, of which 102 ranked "The New York Times" bestseller list.

Amazon Whispersync technology to help users in their own Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC and the BlackBerry bookmarks between the contribution and synchronization, do not have to worry about without the book can be read or can not find the bookmarks. The technology will also be landing in the near future Mac and the iPad. In the Amazon Web site's "most desired" and "best-selling products" list on the Kindle are ranked first, and now BlackBerry user only from download the free software you can enjoy the fun brought Kindle .

Amazon Kindle, vice president in charge of Ian Fried (Ian Freed) mentioned that "Since last year we launched the iPhone mobile phone software has been the most popular Kindle, consumers have been like on the BlackBerry can also have the same experience, and we are very excited and ultimately achieve their aspirations. With the Kindle, BlackBerry users can enjoy anytime, anywhere to read, whether in the meeting, the store or doctor's office to pass the long waiting time, bookmark sharing and synchronization will not let you forget where the last read. I think users will like the BlackBerry, on both simple and enjoyable way of reading. "

Now, anyone with a BlackBerry, whether it is AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon or any other U.S. carriers users can download the Kindle software radio for free and enjoy more than 420 thousand kinds of books (mostly low-priced at 9.99 U.S. dollars, or flat), including "The New York Times" bestseller chart entries, as well as recently released book.

BlackBerry version of Kindle attached to the main functions:

BlackBerry mobile phone to search and browse, including 102 kinds of "New York Times" bestseller chart entries, including more than 420,000 of the e-book.

Experience the best shopping experience Kindle without exit the software can be downloaded from e-book excerpt or the whole of this.

Free initial chapters of probation.

Access to Amazon's online digital library, and store e-books purchased before.

Compatible with the Kindle reading device to achieve the progress of automatic synchronization.

Sharing user Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone or iPod touch set up bookmarks and notes.

Amendments to the text book size.

Reading, including children, classes, cooking classes, travel class, textbook categories, as well as fiction, including full-color book.


Microsoft, Google urged the judge rejected the settlement agreement Digital Library

In a hearing Thursday, Microsoft and Amazon.com, Google urged the judge to dismiss Chen Zhuoguang with the Authors Guild and Publishers Association on Digital Library Project Google reached an agreement.

At the hearing, including Microsoft and Amazon's lawyers, including a number of opponents to the District Judge Denny Chin stated objections, saying the settlement agreement will allow Google to the large number of "orphan works" enjoy an unfair monopoly , but also a violation of U.S. copyright laws.

Amazon lawyer David Nimmer said the settlement agreement "fundamentally changed the U.S. Copyright Law."

U.S. Department of Justice's antitrust division senior officials of the William F. Cavanaugh once again expressed the concern of the agreement, saying the coverage was too broad, and far beyond the competence of judicial relief, especially since the agreement in fact "tried to use the class-action lawsuit mechanism to prevent the forward-looking commercial arrangements. "

Mr. Cavanaugh said: "Millions of writer does not employ an agent to serve as class-action lawsuit literary agents, for such a wide range of digital books signed license agreement." He also said the Justice Department are worried that this agreement will make Google the future is considerable scope for protection from the question, he said, adding such provisions to adjust the interests of copyright owners, it should be by Congress to consider its effectiveness, not the courts. Mr. Cavanaugh also said that the Justice Department is on the agreement may be on the network search and other markets, the impact of an investigation.

Chen Zhuoguang did not make a ruling Thursday, saying he would prepare a written opinion in the future in order to be summarized his views. The sources pointed out that the judge may be issued in a few months after the written opinion, because the present case is very complicated, since the delay so far in 2005.

Even if the judge approved the agreement, the Justice Department may still be questioned for its legitimacy.

Google Daralyn J. Durie's lawyer argued Thursday that the agreement will enable copyright owners to obtain out of print books already avenues of distribution that does not exist, and thus revenue.


Disney and Google 100 million U.S. dollars takeover offer for the bus line 3 Daosi Cheng equity

Discourse, according to Reuters news agency quoted sources said that Disney is in talks to invest in a consortium led by Bus Online, hope to the new platform to further expand the Chinese market, Google will also participate in a joint venture of the consortium.

The source said that Disney hopes the deal that the U.S. entertainment giant to promote business development in China by providing more in-depth China platform. Disney announced in November last year, investment in building theme park in Shanghai, has taken the Western media and entertainment companies to enter the Chinese market, a big step.

According to the informed sources, Disney, to be adopted by a consortium led by private placement, the purchase of new shares and old shares ways to spend more than 100 million U.S. dollars purchased the bus line 30-40% stake. Disney executives will fly to Beijing and Beijing media circles to discuss Disney's long-term development in China, including investment in the bus line the transaction.

The source also revealed that Google only invested in this account for a small part of the share, while Disney holds a majority, but not yet signed a specific agreement.

In addition, the source also revealed that, KFC will also work with the bus line to reach a cooperation agreement that allows the bus line, in its more than 2,000 restaurants in China to play the content on the screen. So if Disney and the bus line to reach the equity investment agreement, then the Disney's and KFC in China to become partners, and to provide the media player content.

But the source did not disclose a more detailed negotiating process, saying the talks are confidential.

The bus line based in Shanghai, is China's largest bus digital media and advertising company, is also CCTV and the Xinhua News Agency, the exclusive mobile media and advertising partners. In 2009 the company receivable 315 million yuan (about 46 million U.S. dollars), has access to IDG, the Yangtze Capital, CCB International, etc. 80 million U.S. dollars in venture capital investment. Has yet to comment on the matter.

The spokesman also said Google can not make comment on the current Disney company did not comment.


The German government opposed to "Google Maps" program

German Federal Ministry of Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner to the United States criticized Google Inc., expressed opposition to the company's streets and houses of Germany's panoramic photographs published online program.

Aigner said that consumers who are and the Federal Ministry of the Interior Ministry to contact the relevant legal steps to take and to consider amending the relevant laws and regulations.

Google plans to in May of this year onwards, the German street panoramic photographs published in the Internet, most of Germany's streetscape plan has been completed. In photography, Google uses the camera 2.5 meters high, so you can shoot over the shrubs and fences to the building. France, Britain, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands and other European countries, streetscape plans are already in the Google Internet.

Google said the company has already pre-and German Federal Information Protection Agency agreement, Google will be unable to discern the streetscape photos of people face and license plate number. If a user against their own houses photos online, you can request in advance to delete. Reportedly, there are already hundreds of people to Google's German firm has made a deletion request.

However, the Minister of Federal Ministry of Consumer Aigner believes that this rule should be adjusted, in the published photos of Google, you should obtain prior permission from the people.
German Federal Ministry of Justice also plans to challenge Google's Minister of Justice also believes that "Google Map" bird's eye view of private possessions Internet is doing, it is worth to conduct legal research.


Longevity panacea Paul hundred came also need three years

According to British "Daily Mail" 3 reported in New York Balzi Laibo Shi-led research team average age of 100 pairs of 500-year-old's DNA has been studied and found in favor of human health, "longevity genes."

Balzi Laibo Shi said: "We can develop a 'long life elixir of life', accurately simulate the 'longevity genes' role." Balzi Laibo Shi think that this "longevity elixir of life" may be carried out in three years, clinical trials.

Balzi Laibo Shi explained that, in these subjects, 30% of people smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, continued smoking more than 40 years, but they have "longevity genes" of protection, despite living over 100 years old.


Amazon e-book should raise the price of the low-cost dissatisfied

According to foreign media reports, News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch Tuesday made it clear that Amazon's electronic books are undervalued and want to reconnect with Amazon on existing negotiating an agreement.

9.99 U.S. dollars as much as possible to enjoy the book it, because they are likely to be gone.
News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch Tuesday made it clear that Amazon's pricing is too low on the books so that he was dissatisfied. Rupert Murdoch's media empire, including HarperCollins and other publishers, Michael Crichton, and the works of writers such as Janet Evanovich by the Publishing.

In order to improve the price with the Amazon Murdoch wanted to re-negotiate the existing agreements, he said that the world's largest Internet retailer Amazon, "is ready to sit down and consult on the new terms."

In the Tuesday conference call with analysts, Murdoch said, "We do not like Amazon to 9.99 U.S. dollars sale of all e-book model." Murdoch said, "they are to pay us the wholesale price is 14 dollars or We want other prices. But I think Amazon reduced the book value of damage to all the paper hardcover book retailer interests. "

Amazon did not immediately return phone calls for comment.

If Murdoch's HarperCollins Publishers has also developed a new protocol, then the current price Amazon will eventually dealt a heavy blow. Just a few days ago, Amazon has just succumbed to another large publisher Macmillan's new condition, e-books priced from 12.99 to 14.99 U.S. dollars.

Since 2007 since the issuance of e-reader Kindle, e-books for the price of its sales is vital. However, low-cost e-book but it will harm the sales of hardcover books on paper.

In the meantime, Apple's latest release of Tablet PC iPad, so that the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is facing new competition, making e-book pricing subject to more attention. More than ever, publishers are eager to protect their profits, while Apple's entry into e-book market so that they can negotiate with the Amazon won a number of chips.

Murdoch did not disclose the details of cooperation with Apple, but the implicit condition is better than the Amazon. He said, "Apple is negotiating with us, but not to disclose the details may be slightly higher prices."


Video Web Collective change: "toll + free" into a new mode of

While the domestic video site ended up in court proceedings to resolve copyright issues with each other when the U.S. video oldest are already considering whether to break the video free of charge mode. All the signs indicate that the "charge + free" video site is expected to become a new profit model.

Genuine resources into the development of an essential prerequisite for

United States's second-largest video site Hulu has announced that is considering the launch of its subscription service, you want to watch last season television series users need to pay 4.99 U.S. dollars per month; Coincidentally, the world's largest video site YouTube, said then to begin testing a video rental service the future will attempt to pay part of the video service.

In fact, the charging mode in China has long been the first person to eat crab, as early as in the current priority of China's three cool video site network, potatoes net, Cool 6 network before the establishment of music as the network was established in October 2004 when they created a unique "charge + free "model, has achieved profitability.

According to Le, as the network's senior vice president of LIU Hong introduction, and potatoes and other video sharing Web sites are different from TV networks dedicated to building the early days of China's largest film and television drama distribution portal. After five years of copyright accumulation, depending on network music collection already has 40000 TV series and more than 3,000 films and won about 60% of domestic hot exclusive network of copyright films and television shows. "If you want to attract from TV networks such as Nokia, Samsung, IBM multinational companies in this category or brand customers, you have to pay close attention to Web content, not only must not have illegal content, even the vulgar are not allowed . "Clearly, the resources have a legitimate copyright video from TV networks an essential prerequisite for long-term development.

After five years of exploration, music, as the network formed its own unique profit model: The combination of paid and free, paid mainly by the model of online movies and television distribution of income and business income of the composition of membership service fees, free pattern mainly by the Internet Advertising co-operating income and gaming income.

Is difficult to avoid the traditional money-burning mode of funding crisis

In addition to music, as the network of other domestic video sites are also beginning to explore on the charging mode. Which, PPSteam recently been trying to fees and charges, the company responsible person said, there are about 30% of revenue comes from user fees, while 70% comes from advertising.

In addition, 56 network will also officially launched the paid video distribution platform, shoot-off, original authors and content side of the platform issued through the video and watch from the user to get benefits paid. The 56 net view, the video site fees are an important complement to free mode, with the increase of Taobao users as well as the popularity of online games, the domestic Internet users are accustomed to paying.

As the size of the largest users of video sites, excellent cool network, said that with regard to video programming Internet users demand more and more personalized, video websites to the trend of charging users gradually clear that the company previously had some of the test water, such as Guo Degang crosstalk, custom type of program would have achieved good results.
At present a number of video sharing websites are basically relying on advertising to get the benefits. However, this pattern is very early in the development of "money-burning", once the capital chain problems, it difficult to sustain. This means that video site need to find a suitable path to profitability is the root of the problem to avoid these. Beginning in 2007 years, from TV networks for 3 consecutive years of revenue growth over 100%, has proved entirely genuine video site to highlight piracy worries, get high profit return. However, some analysts have pointed out that the video site to the user fees that the industry gradually began to mature, but also in the content of the collection will thus pay a higher cost.

Improve the quality of content to attract advertisers

Judging from the current situation, the content from TV networks to genuine, long video-centric, while the domestic part of the video sharing websites more content comes from grass-roots short video upload, and there is a lot of ambiguity and pirated copyright content. Comparison of the commercial value of individual users, music, as the network is clearly stronger than the other video sharing websites, which is the company's rapid growth in recent years, the source of advertising revenue.

TV Plus network key to success lies in the user traffic is not bigger, but the video quality to attract those who have a high demand for the small number of users. This strategy can bring at least two distinct positive, one of these users to be more willing to pay the cost of high-quality video resources, and secondly, that can significantly reduce the flow pressure from TV networks and effective control of Web server and bandwidth costs.

It is understood that a number of video websites claim that in fact its high-definition video stream that is 300-400Kbps, while the music as online paid subscribers watching the video they have already attained 1000Kbps, and the whole station with leading video encoding technology, H.264, compared to the technology MPEG2 used in traditional DVD standard, quality is more delicate, high-fidelity color reproduction, the user can enjoy a clearer picture with more image details. Facts have proved that music in recent years as the main source of growth in net profit, it is the proliferation of paying customers. In the LIU Hong opinion, Chinese netizens video resources for the genuine willingness to pay than we imagine, we should be more positive.


Baidu Video Company Registration qiyi.com domain name

The morning of February 2, according to Baidu's video relevant person in charge confirmed that the company has registered qiyi.com domain names, and will soon announce details of company name and domain name, the domain name Zhengshishangxian in March of this year, which means that Baidu video service will be officially surfaced a month later.

According to domain name query information, Baidu has registered qiyi.com and qiyi.cn, but the domain name corresponding to the current show can not access the web page. Baidu video company official says the current video service related issues are being prepared, including company name, including a series of detailed information will be announced shortly.

These people also revealed that the domain name in March of this year is expected to operate Zhengshishangxian. This means that Baidu video service will be one month later formally joined the video industry, competition in the market.

Currently Baidu video has actively recruiting: According to Baidu's recruitment website video ads, which are a large number of recruiting technical, editorial, sales and copyright personnel. According to reports, staff size is expected to reach 350 by the end.

The other hand, the company Baidu video has been added to the upsurge of the purchase rights and to actively side with the video site and copyright contact to discuss cooperation. According to Baidu video company's plans, it will key into the field of genuine high-definition online video, while providing free video on demand service.