Google Gears browser plug-ins to give up the key development HTML5

Google Gears project manager IanFette Friday announced through the blog, Google will give up on the Gears support for the project.

Gears is a browser plug-in, you can allow users offline access to Gmail and other web applications. Google as early as in July last year, once said, and will emphasize the development of HTML5, and will not continue to develop Mac version of Gears, but then did not give specific information.

Feith Friday in GearsAPI blog, published an article entitled "Hello HTML5" article. He pointed out that, Gears in the past few months have not conducted much reason to upgrade because of its team has shifted its focus to the HTML5 as the Chrome browser with the deployment of the same functionality. So far, Google Chrome has added a database API, workers, local storage and WebSocket and other functions, will be added soon LocalServerAPI and geo-positioning capabilities. Have these feature, Gears becomes unnecessary, at least for Chrome is true.

Feith said that as the development of shift in emphasis, so support for Gears will also be gradually reduced. From now on, Google will no longer be available for Apple's Snow Leopard operating system, Gears plug-in support. At the same time, for Firefox and IE version of Gears support will also be gradually reduced and eventually completely abandoned. Feith said: "We will not longer actively developing new features and investment resources."

The industry believes that the hope of finding a way Google Gears applications can be transferred to the HTML5 camp and its users. Although there is no effective method, but Google seems to be waiting for developers to embrace the embrace of HTML5, which eventually completely abandoned Gears.