Baidu Video Company Registration qiyi.com domain name

The morning of February 2, according to Baidu's video relevant person in charge confirmed that the company has registered qiyi.com domain names, and will soon announce details of company name and domain name, the domain name Zhengshishangxian in March of this year, which means that Baidu video service will be officially surfaced a month later.

According to domain name query information, Baidu has registered qiyi.com and qiyi.cn, but the domain name corresponding to the current show can not access the web page. Baidu video company official says the current video service related issues are being prepared, including company name, including a series of detailed information will be announced shortly.

These people also revealed that the domain name in March of this year is expected to operate Zhengshishangxian. This means that Baidu video service will be one month later formally joined the video industry, competition in the market.

Currently Baidu video has actively recruiting: According to Baidu's recruitment website video ads, which are a large number of recruiting technical, editorial, sales and copyright personnel. According to reports, staff size is expected to reach 350 by the end.

The other hand, the company Baidu video has been added to the upsurge of the purchase rights and to actively side with the video site and copyright contact to discuss cooperation. According to Baidu video company's plans, it will key into the field of genuine high-definition online video, while providing free video on demand service.