Mobile digital TV to achieve interoperability

In 2009, online shopping users to 108 million people the size of annual growth of 45.9%, is the user one of the fastest-growing e-commerce applications. The mobile payment era has truly arrived, the user through the mobile phone wallet credit card shopping, do not need to replace the user's mobile terminal, only need to replace a mobile wallet dedicated RFID-SIM card (no need to replace the mobile phone number), which will greatly improve the e-commerce immediate payment of the status quo.

At present, the domestic e-commerce has a clear-cut three characteristics: First, the traditional high Internet penetration, mobile Internet applications, low rate; second is a high security risk, credit rating is low; third is the input-output is high and talent is only a small 17% of businesses employ e-commerce professionals, 63% of companies need e-commerce professionals, talent shortage in China is still a major obstacle to development of electronic commerce.

To this end, National People's Congress, China Mobile [73.30 -0.61%], general manager of Guangdong, Xu recommends the adoption of "three strengthening" to speed up the building of e-commerce platform in order to "leveraging" the door to domestic demand.

Mobile electronic commerce has started, "everywhere"

When you see the long long long scenic spots such as the ticketing team startled when you are not interested in the use of "mobile ticketing" mean?

China Mobile Guangdong Branch has launched "mobile phone ticket" business, mobile phone users via Web or Wap Guangdong Mobile to enter the mall, you can directly purchase tickets scenic areas. Guangdong Mobile users reply with two-dimensional code, can go to for votes-point scanning, the exchange attraction tickets.

Not only is "cell phone ticket", mobile e-commerce has been extended to transportation, television, shopping in convenience stores and other aspects. In Guangzhou, mobile phones to facilitate the emergence of metro ticket a lot of passengers who take a lot of travel, "Brush Cell Phone" and out of Guangzhou subway station is a scene; in Jiangmen, Guangdong Mobile and broadcasting cooperation, "Real-time digital TV mobile payment services", can be video on-demand programming; Zhongshan country's first new approach based on USSD mobile payment vending machines, has become a "mobile phone stores", you can buy mobile phones drinks, food, daily necessities, and create a new type of retail business models; "mobile movie ticket "so many of his fans can be set via cell phone movie ticket .

Accelerate the building of e-commerce platform, "online line with both hands"

NPC deputy and general manager of China Mobile Guangdong, Xu said that to speed up the construction of e-commerce platform, first of all is to strengthen the construction of enterprise information, on-line to be a hard line. "Enterprise Management to move closer to information and build the basic platform of information technology, but also the establishment of information exchange in line with international norms, e-commerce platform for China's national conditions, the establishment of China's electronics [1.17 -2.50%] business norms." Xu said, China should learn from the international advanced technology, with our own intellectual property rights to promote e-commerce technology and product development, promote China's national independence, e-commerce industry.

"Second is to strengthen the network security building, where France outside France must be strong." Xu suggested that as soon as possible to develop e-commerce law and its implementing regulations, standardizing e-business operation process, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties concerned. At the same time, we must increase the investment in information security technology and R & D, security technology, e-commerce security system, the basic strategy, development and improvement of cryptographic techniques, authentication techniques, access control techniques and firewall technology to ensure the payment of network information and network security .

"Accelerating E-Commerce Platform, the third is to strengthen the Government's security system, people need to make more money." Xu believes that e-commerce in China is still at the initial stage, in order to protect e-commerce in our country healthy and smooth development, the establishment of a complete a comprehensive security system, the industry is necessary, especially in personnel training, suggested the Government set up a special talent to support high-end e-business capital, in housing, child education, health care, etc. give more preferential policies. At the same time, you can increase with the Hong Kong and Taiwan, foreign exchanges and cooperation in human resources, hiring and the introduction of high-level professionals.


Davos Annual Meeting heated arguments Financial Supervision

Davos World Economic Forum on the 28th local time, "getting better", the participating government and business leaders and heated debate on the financial regulatory measures. Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang urged the international community co-operation the day of inclusion, and the world economic recovery and sustained development of health, made important recommendations.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in a special speech on the 28th that it should be to build a "global financial safety net." He stressed that the financial giant should not object to the relevant regulatory measures. Lee Myung-bak and U.S. President Barack Obama advocates, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and other leaders had echoed remarks made to strengthen financial supervision.

This financial giants have fought back. Britain's Barclays Bank Diamond (Bob Diamond) once again to strengthen the supervision of speech raised the question that limit the size of banks can not solve any problem. Deutsche Bank CEO Ackermann (Josef Ackermann) warned that if the regulatory measures are too harsh, "all people will become losers."

British "The Times" the sources said, came from JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley and other financial representatives of the Consortium on the 29th will be further consultations be held in Davos, to discuss Obama and the others proposed financial regulatory measures on the financial sector impact.

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang on the day of the special speech on China's initiatives to deal with international financial crisis, effectiveness, and the next step of economic development policy. He said that the international financial crisis did not change the fundamentals of China's economic development and long-term trend for the better.

Li Keqiang said that China will accelerate the economic development of a fundamental change in approach and increase the strategic adjustment of economic structure, based on expanding domestic demand and stimulate economic growth, relying on technological innovation and energy savings to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, adhere to deepen the reform to expand opening up, focus on innovation and development.

Li Keqiang on the post-crisis era of world economic recovery and sustained development of health put forward five proposals: to continue to cooperate to overcome the crisis; to promote more open markets; to promote balanced development in the world; hand in dealing with major challenges; to improve global governance structure.

He said that the crisis should not be left behind by the storm with only a total of grams of a memory, it should leave on the world economic development and the future and destiny of mankind in-depth reflection, leaving the right path for the future development of innovative ideas in order to better to promote post-crisis era of world economic development.

The annual meeting in Davos, France, China, South Korea, the country's leaders attended a speech. President Lula of Brazil on the 28th canceled due to illness in Davos, he had scheduled on the 29th in Davos accept "global statesman" Award.

Davos Annual Meeting other focus of the day included the reconstruction of Haiti and other issues. The United Nations envoy in Haiti, former U.S. President Bill Clinton in his speech called on business leaders to provide more private donations to help the Haitian people rebuild their homes.


Self-entertainment meditation allows you to speed up weight loss

We have long to live in a stressful society, relationships with others, work, units, families and heterosexual troubles are caused by pressure on the reasons for, and the "slimming" This desire can not be met will also generate pressure. Some people are too eager to lose weight, it will cause excessive drinking or eating disorders such as poor feeding, I have treated some patients, there are many people due to the long-term over-eating and vomiting, has sprouted a spit cocoon (to spit eating food, will be hand into the mouth, resulting in back of the hand has been bitten out of the teeth cocoon child).

Of course, these examples are extreme, but there are a lot of people through eating and drinking to relieve stress is a fact. The result is naturally fat. Moreover, the time to lose weight, "originally did not want to eat eat" has become a new pressure, to reduce this pressure, some people once again fell into a vicious cycle of overeating.

In the case of lack of energy weight loss, is caused by eating disorders and weight loss the main cause of failure. So, what should we do to alleviate the stress it .

In response, the autonomic nervous system training method (through the body to relax and relaxation, so that mental and physical stability of the method obtained previously for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders, mental illness, is now popular as a general opening to the health of therapy), and yoga, Taijiquan, Qigong is very effective.

In addition, meditation and self-suggestion and other means are also very effective. For example, imagine yourself look thinner, or specific description about "If I have a handsome boyfriend, then Sunday I have to date him " and so on. Specialized medical terminology called "free association", that is portrayed through the mind, specifically to carry out their own side of good self-control method.

We may all know, many athletes usually have a "impression of training." This training method is to repeatedly imagine the sight of their own success, such as "I want to break each other's defense netted a goal," "I want to break a continuous super-difficult skill moves" and so on to make it enter the brain, in the end is really The same scenes play an active role.
Elimination of self-depression, and create a good self-image, is to lose weight, fit and effective means.

According to another report, the United States and the Netherlands, physician, for the fast-paced life gave rise to fatigue, to promote a self-care law - meditation reverie. This method is reportedly thinking of a special Naishi relaxation exercise can reduce fatigue and conducive to the promotion of human thought and creativity to a variety of diseases, prevention and treatment.

Meditation reverie method is:

Back chair, head or by, or inclined, go with the flow, turn a blind eye meditation. I thought about what should be a happy past, but also the beautiful scenery of nature, however, in a space in the vast sea of galaxies and Yi drift boats, and a wide range of thinking, colorful and quite fun picture.

Experts said that although so far not been clarified reverie to meditate on the treatment information is provided by the brain to pass to each cell the exact mechanism, but there are two things are sure: First, the fate of the immune system substances can play a good role in promoting; Second, is to the left side of the brain, freed from the language activity, and in the information state, so full visual image of the right brain thinking, so that workers often use hand language writers and good thinking person's left brain prone to fatigue and timely recovery, and improve work efficiency.


Marbury sought after in a very excited

"I did not expect so many people have come to meet me!" When you see the hundred-band isolation media, the original boundaries of the Marbury rubbed his eyes to the spirit, the scene a big show of the Chinese, "I love you." Beijing January 26 evening 10:30, wore CBA's largest foreign aid identity card Marbury appeared Taiyuan Wusu Airport. On-site pick up the hundred for the first time the media to interview Marbury caused melee. From their arrival Koudao parking area, just 50 meters away, Marbury even walk for 10 minutes.

Marbury arrived at the airport from there 1 hour Wusu airports hundred gathered in the media, in order to prevent on-site disorder, the site is also linked up with segregation, but also deliberately deployed 10 security guards to maintain order. 22:30, with the iconic bald an appearance, Wai fans in an isolated band kept on shouting, "Marbury! Marbury!" Wearing a gray down jacket, blue jeans Maputo Village shoulders carrying bags, after a long flight 16 hours non-stop rubbing his eyes. With the "Baixinho" the appearance, on-site instant chaos, red in the front row of photographers and the security of non-stop in front of tear, flash flash into a. Marbury apparently overawed in front of the scene, and was prepared to out of the zone of separation, he can only stand in situ wait staff to maintain order.

However, people always like to be surrounded by the spirit of Marbury came about and kept outside the exclusion zone with the media and fans must raise the banner greeting, in the face area of separation to identify their own fans demand a photo, "Baixinho" it is subversion of the Snob field image of the lower body put V-sign, connecting with six or seven fans, photo, and non-stop in Chinese saying "I love you." "I did not expect so many people coming to pick me, I'm excited!" Push forward the six of luggage, Marbury hundred reporters in front of difficult, from the arrival Koudao parking area, just 50 meters away, he foot enough to walk for 10 minutes, eventually taking the team arranged Custer minibus left the airport.

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Peugeot 408 starting in Beijing

Last year are too proud of Dongfeng Peugeot yesterday, starting in the domestic world of home-made model 408, which is the creation of Peugeot 120 cars the first time since its world debut in overseas markets, the latest generation of models. It is reported that China-made Peugeot 408 priced at 121900-169900 yuan, compared with the price of almost 307 joint access to a higher-level market segments. However, some analysts believe that Dongfeng Peugeot aims to push the 408 will gradually replace the 307 sedan market.

The listing of Dongfeng Peugeot 408 series a total of seven 1.6L and 2.0L models, divided into comfortable edition, deluxe edition, distinguished three kinds of configuration version of the version to CVTS-II technology with a 2.0L engine to play the main product, its price From 129900-169900 yuan; the same time, 408 series, also includes 1.6L series, comfortable version of its manual start price 121.9 thousand yuan. Peugeot brand as a global model, 408 is a technical descent with a new model in Europe, particularly in long wheelbase of 2.71 meters. According to dealers analysis, the current 307 Main 1.6L car market, 408 Main 2.0L will be the market.