Inclement weather the game is both one of the reasons of poor offensive play

The whole game gives the impression that lightning attack, to the Patriots red zone, the lack of scoring machine Tomlinson, penalties can only with difficulty by repeated fishing points. Patriot to its fatal blow just a matter of time. Lightning defense was commendable, three anti-cut Brady, the ball in the hands of offensive group, attack group only scored two penalties. In particular, Section 3, Brady pass twice by anti-cut, lightning actually only scored 3 points. Patriots already beat the time fleeting, if missed, can vanquish.

Inclement weather the game is both one of the reasons of poor offensive play. Beginning of the race the temperature was minus 5 degrees Celsius, but the biting wind in the outdoors under the actual temperature is minus 13 degrees Celsius.

In fact, last week lost the jaguar give those who want to defeat the Patriot team a lesson, in order to overcome the Patriots must touchdowns, a penalty of no avail. Because of the sophistication of the Patriot as long as one to seize the opportunity to score touchdowns will you easily behind them.


Vikings running back Peterson team's strong performance in the game

This year's best rookie, Vikings running back Peterson team's strong performance in the game, red ball 16 times 129 yards, two touchdowns, get All-Star Game MVP. This is the second rookie All-Star Game MVP . Cowboys Terrel Owens 8 times outside to take over the ball 101 yards 2 touchdowns. AP is the Tiger team is taking over TJ (Houshmandzadeh) center stage, two touchdowns.

Section 1 start, Midland first attack. Manning battle two long pass Lightning Team Tight Gonzales, one 29 yards, one 25 yards, and then again a long pass to the Browns 31 yards outside the take over Edwards, a direct advance to the League of Nations 1 yard line. Lightning team's second full-Wei Chong Neal success of the ball 1 yard touchdown. The attack, Lightning coach is clearly intended to bring the team's all-star team faceless one. AP only seven offensive plays 70 yards on the smooth progress of touchdowns and 7 to 0 lead.

The League of Nations to be outdone, American League kick-off by Bears star Hester back to the offensive attack back 39 yards to the 46 yards at the League of Nations. Mo go into battle if the Cowboys quarterback, no less than three attacks, 49 people team Punt Punt hand Andy Lee cosmetic result, a long pass 11 yards to the Vikings full-Wei Tony Richardson, to reach the first attack (first down). If the silent play continue to attack, the last recorded six yards a pass to the Cardinals team is to take over Fitzgerald touchdowns, tying the score.

League of Nations kick-off has also been attacked 41 yards back to AP, 42 yards from the side line of its attacks. Manning with the team all-star running back outside to take over Wayne, and Addai matching step by step, the last 16 yards to pass Bengals TJ touchdowns to go-ahead 14 to 7.


Brown and jet aircraft in the final two minutes played crazy and played a total of 4 times gambling play

Brown, 24, Jets 18

Brown and jet aircraft in the final two minutes played crazy and played a total of 4 times gambling play. Jet 3 minutes left in the game when you succeed touchdowns to 12 to 17 behind two-point conversion attempt failed, so gambling play snatch the ball right to attack again, but the attack to 20 yards before Brown can not move forward, one has to 38 yards on penalties to take three points, 15 to 17 behind. Jet went so far as to play again, gambling, would like to snatch the ball right, Brown naturally will not allow a small probability of incidents from happening again, regain the ball right, running back Lewis, the two sprint a short distance and then suddenly broke out, push deep 31 yards touchdown, 24 more than 15 games remaining 1 minute and 14 seconds. Brown the right to control the ball, but also to play gambling play, was jet away. Jet attack to 17 yards at Brown, an attack 10 yards, no longer attack, went so far as a direct kick penalty will be the score narrowed to 18 over 24, and then played a third jet gambling kick, the ball was confiscated Brown put an end to this games roulette. Next week, followed by Bill Brown and the war will be a fight outside the card dogfight.

Rams 10, Tigers 19

Rain to make the game more boring. Ram because the first-and second-tier quarterback were injured and had to enable the third-line player is naturally very difficult to win. The Tigers offense has been rather dull red ball alone Johnson, running back touchdowns once, and then scored four penalties. Tigers quarterback Palmer ball 189 yards, two passes were intercepted, there is no passing touchdowns.


Section competition more intense

Section competition more intense. The two sides continue to score, the score every bend. First Vikings striker Ryan Longwell hit the ball 30 yards positioning. Then, the Raiders quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Pass from Tight end John Madsen., 10 array with size! Pretend the score 10-12. In the defensive group forced the Vikings lose the ball on several occasions, the Polish guns Janikowski convert it into a three-ball scores, respectively, 30 yards, 42 yards, and 49 yards. In addition, the Vikings running back Chester Taylor bolted 38 yards touchdown. Half before the end of the two sides into a 19-19 tie war.

Section III, both offensive and defensive tempo slowed down, with only 38 yards through the Vikings locate the ball, one-third of revenue.

Soon began the fourth quarter, with favorable climate and geography of the Vikings again, scoring touchdowns, or running back Chester Taylor. This game, his ball 22 times, ran forward to attack up to 164 yards! Section IV, paragraph 11 minutes, Janikowski launched into his first five games of this position the ball 52 yards of the long-range artillery. Rewrite the score 22-29, the gap between the two sides is only one touchdown. Whistle before the Raiders would have been equalized opportunities, but the two turnovers ruined opportunity to finally come to grief Minnesota.


History has not yet were two single-season and more than 2000 yard

Johnson said: "In the MVP Award that I have not even one vote, in the end want me to do what they do? Like my rookie season last year, as quarterback is always an advantage in the poll." Johnson said last year, The best rookie award, Falcons quarterback Matt - Ryan was the first, Johnson second place, but is certain is that, no matter how biased the judges quarterback, if Johnson can keep the magic play, he was The awards will be expected sooner or later, he said: "With those objectives, I am more looking forward to next year, I have crossed the 2,000 yards, do not know what people still think this is not enough, is not only less likely to break the record of it." Titan team experienced a six-game losing streak earlier this season, Johnson did not follow the team sink, but always maintained a high efficiency, helping the team to achieve the final eight and losing eight wins, Johnson has three single-season, more than 85 yard of the red ball reached the end zone, not even any other player in his career to complete this feat, he has 11 consecutive games with a red ball more than one hundred yards into the next season, Barry - Sanders 100 yards in 14 consecutive games to break the record of waiting for him to .

Titans quarterback Vince - Young, said: "I am very pleased to be his partner, and make history with him, he will become a great player, and he is the second-year rookie, too crazy." History has not yet were two single-season and more than 2000 yard, but Titans coach Fisher and Johnson that the record is very unwise to bet, he said: "I think he had the opportunity to record, because he is young, he was very special and the potential to achieve can change the results of the competition. "


San Francisco 49ers and David - Karl contract for two years

This week, a San Francisco 49ers and free agent quarterback David - Karl signed a two-year contract, while they and Detroit to reach an agreement with the reserve quarterback Sean - Hill exchange Lions in 2011 as a picks.

Karl said that San Francisco is very attractive, because he came from California, but also where he might get playing time in his first two seasons for the New York Giants Eli - Manning playing substitute. 49ers coach Mike - Singletary has repeatedly said that the 2005 champion Alex - Smith is the team's starting quarterback, but does not rule out an experienced can promote the progress of a quarter of Smith Wei challenge playing time. "They said that they liked the competition," Karl said. "It makes you feel better. If I knew I recognized the way, and by their play, I will have the opportunity to play. Once I play, I felt confident, self-confident we will be playing well."

Carr, who has eight years of NFL veteran of the 2002 team was the Houston Texans first-round first pick. In his rookie season as the only union on the new army starter kill a total of 76 captured. Texas man team for the effectiveness of five seasons, he's passing success rate is 60%, 59 touchdowns passes, 65 were steals, quarterback rating of 75.5. In the 76 games he participated in 249 plays captured kill. Manning played in a note to the bench two seasons before the 2007 season for the Carolina Panthers, he played six times, including four starts.


Substitute old friends to pull strings through the screen Shu gas

A resuscitation, two back to cooked, warm friendship Saliboli and Sandler's six or seven years, for them, "The Longest Yard" and the premiere date is the anniversary of a victory. In the NFL's court after the replacement of 10 years, Saliboli says that he rarely has such a happy time. In fact, since he officially retired in 1997, it has been in a number of positions was removed with, and sometimes television guest commentator, sometimes go to a team's assistant coach to stay sitting for a few days. And because Sandler's go-between, Saliboli crew not only have to experience as professional advisers, after which the drama is still another official bright phase.

The film "Benchwarmers" tells the story is simply Saliboli. Accustomed to the back seat sat three young men in despair, can only be watched all day inside his companions on the pitch, flanked lonely hearts no better. Later, a wealthy money to support them and it was played while the Saliboli played Golden effect of the black-faced coaches corner. Although this is only the inspirational theme of the Ministry of baseball comedy, but buried knot of Saliboli it, how much comfort or a starting point for the role. Of course, there is no acting experience, the reason why he will enter the crew relied on the Road Sandler really is a back door. Which although not involved in shooting the film, but living in the same production company, Xinggefangpian and play sound greet thing, but Sandler is not stingy.

Coincidentally, that is, at the end of shooting the film, after Saliboli and ESPN signed a contract from the chipping away the temporary guide, upgrade to full-time employees. And are always on the screen show "stupid people have stupid fu" movie code Sandler office for a long time, he seems like a bit of luck is also assigned.


Lightning hatchetman dissatisfied with the conservative tactics of threats to leaving the team

Following Tomlinson, the Lightning team could lose another generals, most recently starting cornerback Antonio - Cromartie who threatened to leave because of the current dissatisfaction with the team's defensive tactics.

Cromartie In an interview with a radio interview in San Diego made the remarks when he thinks the time has come to change, he said: "It may be time to move forward, I have been on the same subject to the coach complained about the way we play They also know my opinion, but if now parted ways, but also God's will, it is likely to happen, but I am still willing to finish my contract in San Diego. "Cromartie's biggest complaint is the teams played conservative, only would like to strengthen the red zone defense, lightning team in 2007 team won 30 steals, while the past two seasons a total of only 29 times.

Cromartie said: "For me, I feel we have too much action in the red zone a number of intensive, I used to always say, we have the best two cornerback, I and Quentin - Jia Moer, we can control a larger area of defense, not the man to man, I would like Dageng active defense, let us come in handy for tough and ability to it, as I do, as the first two years. "last season, Cromartie had bragging to break Dick - Lane to create a single-season record of 14 steals, but in the end he only contributed two steals, becoming the League a laughing stock, while off over the years Zhanhuarecao he finally gets his just desserts, live In the five states of the seven children were identified as was his natural, over the past two years, he fought a total of five times paternity lawsuit.

Although the media have speculated that Cromartie will go person, but he revealed and general manager AJ Smith has not spoken to this issue he was prepared threw broker, if the transaction, he became the second this year, leaving the team after LT stars , Cromartie said: "I think they make a change this year, especially those looking forward to extend the contract, if the rumors I have heard that the transactions become a reality, I am not surprised, this is the business market, next year if I still Here, I will play my best, if I could not play, I will go to try his luck somewhere else, I will do my best to help the team. "


Rugby video help Sandra - Bullock get Oscar

82 Annual Academy Film Awards has just been awarded the best actress award with the United States known as the well-known actress Tian Jie Sandra - Bullock with the theme of football film "weakness (The Blind Side)", also translated as "warmth Rugby "gains Actress award.

35-year-old Sandra - Bullock has been fought for many years in Hollywood, with "American Tian Jie," said. But even though fame has been a long time, but Sandra - Bullock has always been a commercial film of "silly big sister" image seen by others, over the years for its affirmation of acting on is not much, but last year, a "weak spot" Querang Sandra - Bullock's acting career has made a new breakthrough.

As the current Oscar-winning "actress," a popular candidate, Sandra - Bullock had previously with the "weakness" in an outstanding performance gains of the Golden Globe for best dramatic actress, as well as including the Screen Actors Guild Awards within a multi-station, "a prelude to Oscar," actress award. This time Oscar-winning actress showdown, be able to Sandra - Bullock pose a substantial threat to basically only two-time Oscar winner Meryl - Streep (a main one with).

Finally the last winner Sean - Pan announced this year's Academy Award winner actress Sandra - Bullock beat Meryl - Streep rival gains such a public honor, this is Sandra - Bullock I The first Academy Award, also in the current Academy Awards, the sports film and the gains only a privilege previously though Morgan - Freeman and Matt - Damon in the other a football theme of the movie "invincible ( Invictus) "in both nominated for best actor and best supporting actor award, but eventually playing with toys.

"Vulnerability (The Blind Side)" According to the U.S. National Football League players popular Michael - Auch true story. Tells the story of actress Anne (Sandra - Bullock) Adoption of 18-year-old black big man Mike, and help him weak and inward-looking boy from the character to change into a single file at the football field side of the story of the dazzling star. In addition to Best Actress Award, the Oscar of the film also won the best film award nominations.


Real Madrid 2 million locked Brazil Tetsuei

Spanish media, "Aspen Daily" in a prominent position be exposed news, Real Madrid, following Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, after adding to the competition for Benfica defender David - Louis ranks. Real Madrid is not only a transfer fee on the initial list of up to 20 million euros, while the friendly relations between Real Madrid and Benfica other wealthy difficult to fathom.

23-year-old Brazilian iron guard David - Lewis with the Portuguese league, the excellent play, attracted a number of European clubs traveled to Portugal to negotiate a transfer matters Louis. Not be an exaggeration to say that Benfica threshold level pretty soon, the Tipo. Has always been very close personal relationships with Benfica, Real Madrid's natural does not lag behind other wealthy, but also joined the ranks of the battle for Louis, but also determined to show momentum.

Some media speculation that Real Madrid contact with the Brazilian iron guard is very likely want to give up serious injuries in the body of Pepe, Pepe about the delay in sub-contract is a sign. The reason is seriously injured with sharp temper, making Pepe how the last year and basically had no competition for Real Madrid. However, "Marca" there are unique insights, Louis went to Real Madrid in order to replace Christoph Metzelder and Drenthe location, height of 1.89 meters to be fully competent defender Lewis and left guard of the two positions. Pepe can play halfback partner, the body does not suffer quite outstanding defensive ability; playing Zuobian Wei can Marcelo freed to play on their offensive talent. Therefore, the introduction of Louis is double-edged sword for the Real Madrid cause for rejoicing.

Benfica has long had a premonition that metal gates would rise in Brazil, in October last year, a contract to Louis from 2013 until 2015, liquidated damages of up to 50 million euros. So, before the Chelsea bid 10 million pounds into the Benfica can not top his stuff. According to the Portuguese media, a conservative estimation, Benfica right Lewis will be a transfer fee of 30 million euros bottom line. So also coveted Louis Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and other wealthy very prudent for the bid.

Why is Real Madrid 20 million euros Benfica level will be able to impress them? First of all, Real Madrid and Benfica relationship between the two clubs has been very friendly, and the two clubs of the players movement is greater. The key is to Benfica last summer, the introduction of Javier Saviola from Real Madrid for 12 million euros and Hawi transfer fee is not paid to Real Madrid still owes. Saying goes "to eat people soft in the mouth, take their hands short" Everyone knows the truth, so Real Madrid in the competition for the fight against the Brazilian iron guard in an absolutely advantageous position.

In addition, David - Luyi Su's personal wishes are also critical to the success of the transfer effects. According to legend, Lu Yisu I play for a great yearning to go to rich and powerful family. But also by Garcia, Javier Saviola Real Madrid inquire about a lot of things. The move was "Aspen newspaper," thought Louis Real Madrid for the transfer in advance to do their homework.