Yankees starting pitcher AJ Burnett in fact performed well in a start

Reached the American League Championship Series Rangers, is a ratio of a fierce fire, starting from the first battle was a score higher than a, but with very hot wire as a backing, also allow Rangers became the "bad off", has been 5 straight road playoff shot this year, has not lost a guest.

Yankees starting pitcher AJ Burnett in fact performed well in a start, but as the match, the situation of instability began to appear, and 6, when the Board in considering whether the Yankees want to change to vote, did not expect the idea away to plant cost me, let rivals advantage of obtaining a license to listen, as the main 5 6 + inning off Burnett of course, bear the defeat of the vote.

Rangers starting pitcher Tommy Hunter show more instability, only hold a 3 1 / 3 innings to lose 3 exit, but fortunately enough bullpen force, 4 Relay did not let the Yankees pitcher scores, has become the Rangers can the winning cause.

The campaign was hurt the Yankees not only have no way out, headed first baseman Mark Teixeira is still 5 games right thigh strain while running the bases, making the Yankees by the harsh test of combat power.


Although elbow ligament tear for the end of the season prematurely

Published in the major leagues TYIB (This Year in Baseball) Baseball Year Award shortlist, there are three national players selected, while rookie Stephen Strasburg is indeed the savior of the team, one person received two awards nominations.

Although elbow ligament tear for the end of the season prematurely, but the genius of the small history of the race in just over two months, but give the fans an impressive performance, and therefore the best newcomer and best performance definitely two awards nominations , people have to admire the strong cast to bring the new generation of national impact.

Strasburg only race this year, 12 games, won 3 lost record of 5 wins, ERA 2.91, WHIP 1.07 and is batting average value of 2 into 21, the data are quite good, of course, most people appreciative of, or in the 68 Council pitching in on the whirlwind out of 92 strikeouts, a pressing force of the show is so little history to become one of the best new competitors.


Texas Rangers snatched a draw from the advantages of being tied to hit record

Texas Rangers snatched a draw from the advantages of being tied to hit record, must battle the Tampa Bay Rays to the death, and the number one starter Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) really deserved reputation, following the first battle of the wonderful performances, or even when End of today's crucial fifth vote in nine innings, and war only lost 1 point, to ward off completely so that no power of light hitters, with enough firepower to support the wire, so that the Rangers defeated 5 to 1 whistle to the light, finally made the American League Championship Tickets .

After two days of truce, the Rangers put great effort today, almost playing with the light of life and death of the fifth war, relying on a Board on the first play immediately (Elvis Andrus) of hits and stolen bases to obtain 1 to 0 lead; Although Cliff Lee of three, the series of points to be fired security destroyed, so the team being chased into a 1 to 1 tie situation, but the Rangers in four games to play on the line then recovered, the first relying on Cruz ( Nelson Cruz) to have captured the doubles point circle, then the other taking advantage of fielding errors occur, soon to be back ahead 2 to 1 advantage.


But it is also the only Giants score the first 8 Council

Atlanta Braves second baseman Brooks Conrad generation of class today (11) appears three times a single field failure, 9 Council over the cave on the fatal train, leaving a successful reversal of the San Francisco Giants scored winning points, and closing the Warriors to 2 to 3 home defeat, the Giants won the first 2 wins and draw.

As Martin Prado injured, the Warriors in the playoffs for the poor defensive third baseman second base Conrad on behalf of the class, the result in this game lead to disaster. 2 Board in connection with his fly ball mistakes, so hit triples on the base of Mike Fontenot, easy to score back to home plate.

But it is also the only Giants score the first 8 Council, the Warriors starting pitcher Tim Hudson pitched seven strikeouts Board voted 5 times out, although the 4 four bad ones, but only gave up four hits and lost a non-self-blame points.

The Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez struck out in the game which put on shows, Bureau soared 7.1 out of 11 strikeouts, 1 time only four bad throws, but only gave up 2 hits. But he gave up at 8 the next Council hits the first two post-exit, Sergio Romo took over and the situation came to a pinch of Eric Hinske belted by 2 points shot, so the Warriors the lead.


After Halladay (Roy Halladay) Show Shenwei force yesterday threw no-hitter

After Halladay (Roy Halladay) Show Shenwei force yesterday threw no-hitter, after creating history, with the strong vote for the Cy Young Linse Kang (Tim Lincecum) without their expertise in the former, not only at home today in complete 9 Council, only to be knocked two hits, and even Hurricane single game strikeout total of 14 K turned the Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants whistle led 1 to 0 pretty shutout opponents.

Known as "The Freak (Monster)," said Linse Kang really its name, today's strong run into enemies to vote entirely to show the style of the Celeron. Linse Kang in complete nine innings, only one Qiju been (Omar Infante) and McCain (Brian McCann) 1 On each play, and even Hurricane 14 strikeouts for the fans in the outfield wall of K map, complete blockade of the Warriors fire, coupled with its own Board under the wire in four, relying on Percy (Buster Posey) of hits and stolen bases, and Ross (Cody Ross) On timely knock meritorious deeds, so that the giant whistle 1 to 0 win over the Warriors won the first victory.

After the ball today voted 119 to spend 2 hours and 26 minutes race Linse Kang, in addition to winning the first career win in the playoffs, but also to 14K become a major league postseason history, 12 patients completed the data is strong vote.