Amazon e-book should raise the price of the low-cost dissatisfied

According to foreign media reports, News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch Tuesday made it clear that Amazon's electronic books are undervalued and want to reconnect with Amazon on existing negotiating an agreement.

9.99 U.S. dollars as much as possible to enjoy the book it, because they are likely to be gone.
News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch Tuesday made it clear that Amazon's pricing is too low on the books so that he was dissatisfied. Rupert Murdoch's media empire, including HarperCollins and other publishers, Michael Crichton, and the works of writers such as Janet Evanovich by the Publishing.

In order to improve the price with the Amazon Murdoch wanted to re-negotiate the existing agreements, he said that the world's largest Internet retailer Amazon, "is ready to sit down and consult on the new terms."

In the Tuesday conference call with analysts, Murdoch said, "We do not like Amazon to 9.99 U.S. dollars sale of all e-book model." Murdoch said, "they are to pay us the wholesale price is 14 dollars or We want other prices. But I think Amazon reduced the book value of damage to all the paper hardcover book retailer interests. "

Amazon did not immediately return phone calls for comment.

If Murdoch's HarperCollins Publishers has also developed a new protocol, then the current price Amazon will eventually dealt a heavy blow. Just a few days ago, Amazon has just succumbed to another large publisher Macmillan's new condition, e-books priced from 12.99 to 14.99 U.S. dollars.

Since 2007 since the issuance of e-reader Kindle, e-books for the price of its sales is vital. However, low-cost e-book but it will harm the sales of hardcover books on paper.

In the meantime, Apple's latest release of Tablet PC iPad, so that the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is facing new competition, making e-book pricing subject to more attention. More than ever, publishers are eager to protect their profits, while Apple's entry into e-book market so that they can negotiate with the Amazon won a number of chips.

Murdoch did not disclose the details of cooperation with Apple, but the implicit condition is better than the Amazon. He said, "Apple is negotiating with us, but not to disclose the details may be slightly higher prices."