The German government opposed to "Google Maps" program

German Federal Ministry of Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner to the United States criticized Google Inc., expressed opposition to the company's streets and houses of Germany's panoramic photographs published online program.

Aigner said that consumers who are and the Federal Ministry of the Interior Ministry to contact the relevant legal steps to take and to consider amending the relevant laws and regulations.

Google plans to in May of this year onwards, the German street panoramic photographs published in the Internet, most of Germany's streetscape plan has been completed. In photography, Google uses the camera 2.5 meters high, so you can shoot over the shrubs and fences to the building. France, Britain, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands and other European countries, streetscape plans are already in the Google Internet.

Google said the company has already pre-and German Federal Information Protection Agency agreement, Google will be unable to discern the streetscape photos of people face and license plate number. If a user against their own houses photos online, you can request in advance to delete. Reportedly, there are already hundreds of people to Google's German firm has made a deletion request.

However, the Minister of Federal Ministry of Consumer Aigner believes that this rule should be adjusted, in the published photos of Google, you should obtain prior permission from the people.
German Federal Ministry of Justice also plans to challenge Google's Minister of Justice also believes that "Google Map" bird's eye view of private possessions Internet is doing, it is worth to conduct legal research.