Microsoft's request for approval of a judge shut down the U.S. 277 a malicious Web site

According to "Wall Street Journal" reported that Microsoft has demanded the closure of a number of published spam and harmful computer code of the Web site's request has been approved by the court. Alexandria, Virginia, a federal judge approved Microsoft's proposed closure of 277 Internet domain name requests. Microsoft said that those Internet domain names with a zombie network-related.

Botnets are computers infected by the army formed. Hacker can be a small machine control these infected computers.

According to reports, Microsoft designed the zombie network operators to re-establish the link to connect to the network before the secret to this zombie network to provide communication channels. Microsoft this week, a prosecution, said this goal is the name of botnets Waledac.

Judge Brinkema's order to require Internet service providers, VeriSign Security and naming the temporary closure of suspicious Internet addresses.

Internet security company NetWitness on February 18 issued a report, a new type of computer virus has broken the world's 2,500 institutions of almost 7.5 million computers, including the popular social networking Web site user accounts.