Longevity panacea Paul hundred came also need three years

According to British "Daily Mail" 3 reported in New York Balzi Laibo Shi-led research team average age of 100 pairs of 500-year-old's DNA has been studied and found in favor of human health, "longevity genes."

Balzi Laibo Shi said: "We can develop a 'long life elixir of life', accurately simulate the 'longevity genes' role." Balzi Laibo Shi think that this "longevity elixir of life" may be carried out in three years, clinical trials.

Balzi Laibo Shi explained that, in these subjects, 30% of people smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, continued smoking more than 40 years, but they have "longevity genes" of protection, despite living over 100 years old.