Real Madrid 2 million locked Brazil Tetsuei

Spanish media, "Aspen Daily" in a prominent position be exposed news, Real Madrid, following Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, after adding to the competition for Benfica defender David - Louis ranks. Real Madrid is not only a transfer fee on the initial list of up to 20 million euros, while the friendly relations between Real Madrid and Benfica other wealthy difficult to fathom.

23-year-old Brazilian iron guard David - Lewis with the Portuguese league, the excellent play, attracted a number of European clubs traveled to Portugal to negotiate a transfer matters Louis. Not be an exaggeration to say that Benfica threshold level pretty soon, the Tipo. Has always been very close personal relationships with Benfica, Real Madrid's natural does not lag behind other wealthy, but also joined the ranks of the battle for Louis, but also determined to show momentum.

Some media speculation that Real Madrid contact with the Brazilian iron guard is very likely want to give up serious injuries in the body of Pepe, Pepe about the delay in sub-contract is a sign. The reason is seriously injured with sharp temper, making Pepe how the last year and basically had no competition for Real Madrid. However, "Marca" there are unique insights, Louis went to Real Madrid in order to replace Christoph Metzelder and Drenthe location, height of 1.89 meters to be fully competent defender Lewis and left guard of the two positions. Pepe can play halfback partner, the body does not suffer quite outstanding defensive ability; playing Zuobian Wei can Marcelo freed to play on their offensive talent. Therefore, the introduction of Louis is double-edged sword for the Real Madrid cause for rejoicing.

Benfica has long had a premonition that metal gates would rise in Brazil, in October last year, a contract to Louis from 2013 until 2015, liquidated damages of up to 50 million euros. So, before the Chelsea bid 10 million pounds into the Benfica can not top his stuff. According to the Portuguese media, a conservative estimation, Benfica right Lewis will be a transfer fee of 30 million euros bottom line. So also coveted Louis Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and other wealthy very prudent for the bid.

Why is Real Madrid 20 million euros Benfica level will be able to impress them? First of all, Real Madrid and Benfica relationship between the two clubs has been very friendly, and the two clubs of the players movement is greater. The key is to Benfica last summer, the introduction of Javier Saviola from Real Madrid for 12 million euros and Hawi transfer fee is not paid to Real Madrid still owes. Saying goes "to eat people soft in the mouth, take their hands short" Everyone knows the truth, so Real Madrid in the competition for the fight against the Brazilian iron guard in an absolutely advantageous position.

In addition, David - Luyi Su's personal wishes are also critical to the success of the transfer effects. According to legend, Lu Yisu I play for a great yearning to go to rich and powerful family. But also by Garcia, Javier Saviola Real Madrid inquire about a lot of things. The move was "Aspen newspaper," thought Louis Real Madrid for the transfer in advance to do their homework.