New York Yankees in Chicago yesterday, he totaled 12 points, today (30) diamond play line though only scored 2 points

New York Yankees in Chicago yesterday, he totaled 12 points, today (30) diamond play line though only scored 2 points, but rookie Nova (Ivan Nova) from injection of nutrients by Baoliao news, starting only lost 5.2 Board 1 point, while the bullpen took over, has not let the White Sox beat line overstepped, and closing 2 to 1 win over the Yankees, won the series victory and the recent two game winning streak, and also won the Tampa Bay Rays tied America East top.

Both before after the game, Nova is the focus of today, in addition to his first published play is excellent replacement, the yesterday and broke his minor league nutrients have been injected with B12, so that better health information, but he said today won his first victory of the performance, this does not seem to be affected. B12 in the major leagues has not been classified as doping.

Nova said: "before my relatives and friends encouraged me to relax, as in 3A on the pitch, very happy today, I did a good job." Partner Se Wei Li (Francisco Cervelli) also said: "He's great, not easily affected, it is knowing how to relax their pressure. "


However, the performance of his poor start to the season

However, the performance of his poor start to the season, starting the first 5 games by playing 32 of 23 Bureau of hits, including eight home runs, walked 15 cast, defense rate of 9.78. Skip the rotation gradually got hot, May 13 to 11 July between the Council were to vote only to be hit 7 of 72 home runs, a defense was only 2.75, as the most stable team start, unfortunately the lack of support teammates score, won 4 lost only 6 wins.

But after the change-Star Game, he was hit later this quarter as many as 35 Council 11 home runs, 23 strikeouts and threw 15 walks, 6.69 ERA was terrible, scored 2 wins and 2 losses. More seriously, many of his ball down, even lower than his average rate last year, now only 85 miles fast ball.

Issued before the war starts the Seattle Mariners, he was hit eight 3 Security Council, including three home runs, after the game was dragged into the rotation, adjust back to bullpen, leaving the vacancy by the rookie Nova (Ivan Nova) replacement. Vazquez total of 9 wins and 9 lost season record, 4.96 ERA.

Hernandez season in 2009 to defeat the record of 19 wins 5 taken away pitcher Wang

Only 24-year-old ACE Hernandez Seattle Mariners (Felix Hernandez), today (26) Red Sox at Mariners Game 2 in command of double race start, and cast a 7.1 Bureau, lost 2 points Biao 9K results, the rate of 4 crew to 2 to win, before his career total up to 993 times the number of strikeouts, K off Ortiz in this war (David Ortiz) to 4 digits after the surge of. Hernandez in the 5-year major league career in strikeouts only reached 1000K, a history of three young "thousand cut."

Hernandez season in 2009 to defeat the record of 19 wins 5 taken away pitcher Wang, while he soared out of individual single-season record 217 strikeouts the most, K people mention skill. "King HE" Since starting the 2006 season strikeout numbers are not less than quarterly 165, steady growth is Hernandez strikeouts in the first 5 years into the Major League completed the 1000 K high main reason cited.

"Help" Hernandez collected 1,000 th strikeout victim of the historical record is, "Dad," Ortiz. Race to 6 Board, has completed the first 999K of Hernandez by Zulu (JD Drew) sweep out solo shot to drop points, and Martinez (Victor Martinez) then hits the barrier, but the King He immediately returned to God tour Europe Cortez eat K, to defuse the crisis, so daddy as Hernandez struck out the first batter 1000K record.


This is from the Rocky Ubaldo Jimenez

Orioles before the field was off the hook, his career accomplishments are not the ideal play against Tiger's Matt Garza, today (27) reminding us of scenes in the home of God come to earth, no hits, 9 Bureau of the contents of 5 to 0 to help the team humiliated visitors, and a light team performed the first no-hitter in the history of the pitcher.

This is from the Rocky Ubaldo Jimenez, activist Dallas Braden, Philadelphia Roy Halladay, Diamondbacks Edwin Jackson, the Major League season this year, appeared in the 5th no-hitter, which Braden and Roy Halladay is a more rare perfect game .

Garza The campaign only "flaw" is the No. 2 Board Brennan Boesch cast walks the Council after the end of the dual-kill on behalf of Garza in the most streamlined solution to 27 batters.


According to the official website reports that the Yankees

Avoiding salary arbitration before the players, the New York Yankees infielder Beite Ming only to (Wilson Betemit) signed a 1.165 million U.S. dollars in contracts, leaving Wang, Kano (Robinson Cano) and Brownie (Brian Bruney) has applied for salary arbitration.

Yankees in December last year, and Rodríguez (A-Rod) signed 10-year 200 million 75 million U.S. dollars of the "giant about", but then even the two seasons was 19 wins Wang, and major league career batting averages 3 percent 14 Kano is "Stingy", Wang and Cano string really hard and common, they debut the same period, while the Yankees became the most watched couple, this time same time her first application for salary arbitration.

According to the official website reports that the Yankees, the Yankees second baseman Cannone to offer for 4.55 million U.S. dollars, but the Yankees only willing to benefit 3.2 million U.S. dollars; Chien-Ming Wang to the Yankees offer for 4.6 million U.S. dollars, the Yankees only willing to pay four million U.S. dollars of annual salary, as backup Brownie pitcher last year's record 3 wins and 2 losses, 4.68 ERA, he offered 845,000 U.S. dollars, but the Yankees just want to give him 640,000 U.S. dollars, they are 3 people Youyi Kano spread 1.35 million maximum.
Kano pay 490,800 U.S. dollars last year, Wang paid 489,500 U.S. dollars last year, far short, if the Kano and Wang can pay through salary arbitration dispute the success of the two salaries to grow nine times at once, even if the dispute salary loss, the Yankees are at least able to maintain a reserve price, in any case, given Taiwan's Wang Chien-ming has been living in America when the first "million man."

However, the Yankees will not necessarily salary arbitration hearing with the player "encounter," take into account the position of the image, the Yankees before the hearing is still possible in the first compromise.

The Yankees avoided salary arbitration only before the deadline and Beite Ming signed Beite Ming is a live chess within the field, he can keep first base, second base, guerrilla and third base, to pay a 2 percent last year, 29.4 support home runs and 24 RBIs, but his salary last year, only 405,000 U.S. dollars, 1.165 million U.S. dollars this year signed a new contract, salary growth is also closer to 3 times.

But the Yankees first base this year, the garrison area were packed, Beite Ming spring training this year, with Jason Giambi (Jason Giambi), Duncan (Shelly Duncan) and Leonard (Jason Lane) competition, to win the only first season send first baseman qualifications.

Lewis A. Coser has a 11-year old major league ball

Atlanta Braves pitcher today announced that right-Devin (Joel Devine), and minor league right-pitcher Li Qimeng (Jamie Richmond), trading in the Oakland Athletics outfielder Coser (Mark Kotsay).

Warriors release Anzhuoqiongsi (Andruw Jones), I begin to actively search for a replacement, general manager of Falankelun (Frank Wren) said the 32-year-old Lewis A. Coser and his dream of a center fielder, he has always hoped to be able to appear in Lewis A. Coser Warriors start list.
Lewis A. Coser has a 11-year old major league ball, over the past three seasons, 67 of batting averages 2 percent, 0.388 Slugging percentage, on base percentage .321, his career batting average of 2 into 82, the average rate of 0.425 slugging, on base percentage .337. 2005 Something is wrong in his back, an operation in March last year, so a race only 56 games last year, leaving embarrassing blow ratio of 2 into 14, but so far since 1998, Lewis A. Coser and fielding in the outfield and the league total of 110 times to help kill a few, are still so Falankelun impressive.


Moderator Wallace sharp pungency of style

For his friend cum Yankees pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), to be admitted after McNamee blew the whistle in 2002 for the treatment of injuries, indeed injected human growth hormone, which, rockets were shocked, but that Pettitte is not clear approach.

Moderator Wallace sharp pungency of style, ask Rocket said: "Why on Pettitte said McNamee tell the truth, and how would you say a lie?" Rocket man says, this should be two completely different things, wise to avoid open problems.

Some people believe that McNamee's allegations, which the Rockets to a very angry person, "this is simply no basis for anything, Mike, I played baseball for nearly 25 years, do not you should have some respect for me you? Even if only a little bit too. "

"If I had injected drugs, needles and steroids come from then? Drug head again in there? Trouble out of you quickly come!" Rockets were ready to attend a Congress hearing, held a press conference tomorrow in Houston will continue to clarify their innocence.

In Wallace's pressed, the Rockets were agreed to participate in a polygraph test "can ah! But I do not know the lie detector results good or no good for me." The doping controversy, the Rockets have frustrated his program several times that they were going to retire, we "may" no longer see him pitch a.


Toronto Blue Jays are willing to give back injury last season

Toronto Blue Jays are willing to give back injury last season, Johnson (Reed Johnson) an opportunity, today signed him to a combined 3.275 million U.S. dollars a year, expect him to make a comeback.

Johnson and the Blue Jays outfielder reached a one-year contract agreement, he said: "I am a player thrives under pressure last year, injuries will only inspired me, I believe it will not influence me to professional life after, next season I will be a good performance, so you think I can return to the previous level. "

Johnson is the Blue Jays pioneer, was seriously injured last year due to back surgery 3 months rest, the whole year just to pay a 2 percent rate of 36 against, two home runs and 14 RBIs, and 19 percent against the previous year performance 3 rate, a career-high 12 home runs and the AL on the first of three 90 base rate, the performance is like worlds apart.

Blue Jays general manager Ruiqiyadi (JPRicciardi) said that if Johnson's health, he was confident that Johnson can then return to the career peak.


A-Rod in December two thousand years AD

Major League Baseball MLB Star A-Rod Rodriguez Baseball today to scale new record maximum price contract with the New York Yankees contract years, the amount of 275 million U.S. dollars (about 8.9 billion NT dollars dollars).

A-Rod in December two thousand years AD, with the Texas Rangers have signed ten years, the amount of 252 million U.S. dollars, setting a record of highest paid baseball earlier. In 2004 he was traded to the Yankees this year on October 28 Major League World Series hit the last game, he announced the cancellation became a free agent with the Yankees, but the twists and turns are still renewed.

Elected three times as the most valuable player of A-Rod in the video about the proposed meeting about the tortuous process said: "This whole thing seems just like a roller coaster ride, very exciting. All along, I know I or would like to make a Yankee. "


Home run king Bonds (Barry Bonds) with the wife of the times

Home run king Bonds (Barry Bonds) with the wife of the times, the first time to attend the San Francisco federal court for perjury and other 5 drugs charges, he argued his innocence.

Bonds and his wife attended, the site attracted hundreds of eager television media interviews, some people call him, has fans hold high the "liberation of Bonds," the billboard support, the court, when the judge charged the five Bonds presented evidence of and that if lie could face jail after asking whether the guilty plea Bonds, Bonds argues his innocence, a judge ruled last year on Feb. 7 hearing retrial.

Bonds is suspected of four years ago, "the Bay Area Laboratory steroid scandal" of lying to investigators, in mid-November by the United States federal grand jury in connection with four perjury, one count of obstruction of justice and other prosecution, if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years, but some legal experts speculate that he did two and a half years at most in prison, but he accumulated 10 years in the MLB's reputation and create the home run record will come to naught.

43-year-old Bonds out of court smiling, waving and the use of eyes to support his fans hands. Bonds later issued his official website, stated, "I still have confidence in the verdict, especially by the citizens jury to the verdict. I know that when this matter after the end of my innocence and also because I am innocent. "


Tai Kuo Wang praised, Chien-Ming Wang with two years of his 19 wins in the major leagues

"Big Guo," Kuo Yuan-chih travel-stained, today (6) morning before a flight from Nagoya, Japan, returned to Taiwan to participate in Baseball World Cup opening ceremony, after arriving in Taiwan happened to see on television the New York Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang living in America to return to Taiwan press conference, large Guo is a pity that he is very pleased to Taiwan's ability to achieve such a good pitcher, I hope Wang can find time to golf course with access to active players, to teach his pitching experience.

Tai Kuo Wang praised, Chien-Ming Wang with two years of his 19 wins in the major leagues, they are happy, they are moved out of Taiwan has a world-class pitcher, but his personal professional baseball in Japan win Yum, 100 rescue experiences Wang said Wang could better good.

"Wang is now a very powerful sinker, if he can to practice one's Carter ran the ball the opposite direction, I believe he is more awesome." Big Kuo said he worked hard in the Japanese baseball came out when acquired The splitter and sinker, and now people still can not learn, these two pitches were balls out of his fathom, different, hope that every Taiwanese pitcher also carefully fathom resist the enemy to find their own unique weapons.


Rockies 4 games to the starting task to the Kirk

Nearly a month to write the legendary Rocky dark horse team in the World Series into the plight of 0-3 years, to row 4, while the reversed field is almost "mission impossible", the historical experience of 22 never had.

Rockies this from time to admit defeat easily, "We are in the final 22 games in with him, and then swept those teams," Matsui said through an interpreter Yang Jia-head, "the present situation, it is encouraging us to move forward line." To reverse 0 : 3 absolute disadvantage, as the first one to win the World Series comeback team, the Rockies think they hold the bottom with elastic after, as the end of season tournament win in 22 games as 21 games.

Hawkins (LaTroy Hawkins) that there is a chance to fight, "We have to strike back in full tomorrow, whether to use kick, claw, poke hard, or I can do any of us to win."

"We have a good one, when we are in trouble, we again stand up and prove everyone wrong," added outfielder Hope (Brad Hawpe) said: "Now we are in trouble, this victory from us only a thin 4 field only, we are ready to do his best. "

Rockies 4 games to the starting task to the Kirk (Aaron Cook), he was on August 10 after muscle injury, there is no longer registered to vote Ban Zhu, "If anyone can do that Ke grams, "reliever Heiges (Matt Herges) said:" I mean, Kirk is a race I had read the most tenacious player, he is a player I need at this crisis moment, he is the season No. 1 pitcher. "Kirk will face Red Sox left-hander Rust (Jon Lester), opponents are 4:0 to shoulder the responsibility of Los Angeles swept.

"Maybe not previously reached," Rocky coach He more (Clint Hurdle) said: "But if there is which team can do, I think we can do (reversal of)."


La Lusha determine palm Cardinals continued to arms

Although the Cardinals new general manager in place yet, but De Witt, chairman of baseball (Bill DeWitt Jr.) Paixiong Shop assurance: "The new general manager must be able to work with Tony, if I can not, it will not be in the pellet consideration list. "

La Lusha determine palm Cardinals continued to arms, the majority of players are welcome, in addition to star third baseman Rolen (Scott Rolen), the last three years Rolen suffered a shoulder injury suffered a total absence of 176 games last year quarters During the game, La Lusha two will Rolen ice on the bench, deepening rift between the two, La Lusha admits: "I must be honest to face this problem, in addition to hope Rolen can stay healthy, but also look forward to the new season to have some new weather. "