Red Sox Yankees avoid being swept

Red Sox Yankees avoid being swept, the longest suspension of 4-game losing streak this season, with light to sailors lost 2:6, the two sides of the margin of victory in the AL East back to half.

Midland Red Sox are basically to get a playoff spot, rely on their next 6 games with the Yankees have a chance to victory, winning the first 2 wars ignite Zhu Jiang has given the Red Sox ray of hope, but lost of this, they battle with the Yankees in the wild card has been opened to 7 games, only the remaining 7 games were won, the Yankees have lost a chance.


Clayton Kershaw show the man guards the pass of the posture

Clayton Kershaw show the man guards the pass of the posture, so that the first home game of the Arizona Board 8 eggs hanging all the way, the Dodgers finally won by 3 to 1, the first to grab the first battle in the three wins, Lien Chan, and Hu Jinlong to starting shortstop in the game which posture of the debut.

In September to return to major league Hu Jinlong game which served as the starting shortstop for the first 8 bars, but Xiao-Hu did not grasp the opportunity to perform, 3 to play the number of all "bar tortoise", failed to win their hits. This is the second after 13, Hu Jinlong was re-starting the opportunity, but unfortunately the same as the last four 0, the Taiwan players to play as a starter but not when the hits, making this season's hit rate from 3 percent before the game 33 down to the current 2 percent 22.

Hu Jinlong today (25) bat when almost all the runners on base, but can not effectively promote the teammates. 3 innings at first base when the first fight against someone, but the second baseman on the Fanggao Fei Hu Jinlong knocked the ball is still a 5 inning when first base with runners, but labeled as the first base foul fly ball, 8-Agency is the first wreck were to touch Body Ball walked on base, and a 9 inning, second base was, Xiao-hu, or not meritorious deeds, labeled in the outfield fly ball was then killed.


Red Sox "Heisei Monster" Daisuke Matsuzaka nearly a month to poor

Red Sox "Heisei Monster" Daisuke Matsuzaka nearly a month to poor, in today's (21) 6 games before starting points are all lost more than 4 points, while the home is the face of the Orioles failed to retrieve handle, the main 6.1 The Board voted 4 loss (loss of all responsibility), a race with seven games lost 4 points or more under no quality starts to play the Red Sox are the poor, eventually losing 2 to 4, with the playoffs lopsided.

Bean Town Army Council before the 5 to 1 to 2 is also backward, relying on 2 Sisi Qiu under 6 and Hall (Bill Hall) of the hits hard tying, 7 Pine Council failed to shore, one after the first send out Roberts ( Brian Roberts), followed by Markakis (Nick Markakis) hit doubles, and had to exit pine, put Balde (Daniel Bard) back-up, the result not only failed to hold and brought two teammates on base all the responsibility back to home plate, Red Sox unable to counterattack now won 67 of 83 lost, out of the AL East remains the number "5."


Ke Lieti that weak bullpen the team record a major reason for the weak

In addition, Ke Lieti that weak bullpen the team record a major reason for the weak, "including Xue riels (George Sherrill) and Ronald Belisario of the low tide, and the original guardian of the Bronx Cotton (Jonathan Broxton) the collapse, are very difficult to team to win. "

While the bullpen has been critical of weak, hoping to cheer, but Kelie Ti Kuo is on the high praise; Kuo 4 times in the elbow after surgery, still cast a field of good shots this year, dominate a large Union is the outstanding performance of coaches and teammates won the trust.

Kelie Ti on the appreciation, "said Kuo's performance was great, very surprising; and rookie Jenson (Kenley Jansen) the performance is amazing."


Dodge won only 10 games last 3 games left in the National League out of index 5

Dodge won only 10 games last 3 games left in the National League out of index 5, has been to the playoffs do not count. Poor record because the Dodgers, so Terminator Kuo race reduced, which Taiwanese have 5 days left to vote no registration plates.

NL West Giants and the San Diego Padres biting catches priests lost to the St. Louis Cardinals today after the top two teams swap, the giant rushed West leader, won only half clergy margin of victory.

National League wild card competition is fierce, the current East-leading Atlanta Braves wild card, but won only half margin of victory priests, Major League season is less than two weeks, fierce competition for the playoffs.


Even Ichiro Suzuki had a pair of legs

Even Ichiro Suzuki had a pair of legs, ran through a number of infield hits and speed, but also have "to eat turtle" time! Today (14) sailor grips with the Red Sox, Ichiro Suzuki 3 Bureau to hit an infield grounder in mind, struggling bolted hub of a base, but the Red Sox second baseman Sugutaluo (Marco Scutaro) display brilliant fielding, he just Ichiro will be out the assassination; this battle the Red Sox won the final 5 to 1 victory.

Red Sox starting pitcher Leicester (Jon Lester) show high-quality pitching, pitched eight sailors Council only to hit a sporadic three hits, disco a scary 12 strikeouts, loss of a sub-17 win season wins (8 defeat ), ERA 3.17.

2 Council on the Red Sox open the offensive, in Laurie (Jed Lowrie), Nava (Daniel Nava) and Anderson (Lars Anderson) all win their doubles cheer, the coming down 3 points, 3 to 0 lead sailors.


Want to sweep the Yankees since 1986, the Orioles only one step

Want to sweep the Yankees since 1986, the Orioles only one step, leading the way to nine under, he was Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) to destroy the living, his hands from Koji Uehara bye 2 points gun fired, and closing the Yankees Orioles 3-2 reversal to avoid the family war is to sweep the Orioles.

"I think this is the focus today should be a part of my day, this is a very important victory." Nine the next barrier in Sino Swearingen Aircraft Hsu was the case, from the Orioles Terminator Koji Uehara hands, hit the winning two sub-guns, the Yankees survived, and this is the 26th season Xu H Sino Swearingen Aircraft.

Orioles 5, the Witters (Matt Wieters) starting from the Yankees Nova (Ivan Nova) hand gun fired two points to help the Orioles get a counter-point lead, while the Orioles start Bergson (Brad Bergesen ) 6.1 inning and win four hits, five strikeouts 2 walks and only lost 1 point, so high-quality performance, but still can not win the win.


Hughes first ball strike rate of 6 percent 36

Hughes first ball strike rate of 6 percent 36, ranked fifth in the AL, but obtain the strike does not mean he can successfully solve the batter, when Hughes came to two well without the ball a few balls, they were rate of 2 percent against 28, on base was 43, compared with 2 percent higher than the AL average of 1 percent and 2 percent 73 02. Hughes also other data is higher than average, it was "New Jersey Star-Ledger," points out.

The most obvious example is the Blue Jays in the face of strong play Wales 826 (Vernon Wells), he made two good shots to suffer after the last red to prevent; duel again yesterday, it hit in a two-run homer. The ball can not get rid of the number of advantage or Wales, Hughes had to bow to the opponent around the base when the meditation, "which in the end is how is it?" Wales career on the rate of 3 percent against Hughes were 20,2 H The season hit.

Whether or ball down the number of physical problems, Hughes was off the hook on the Blue Jays two consecutive remains an indisputable fact that, in addition to him, the Yankees starting pitching staff is also in a precarious state, Barnett (AJ Burnett) , Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) and Mosley (Dustin Moseley) General Order Girardi ill at ease, if the promotion playoffs, the defending champion Yankees to worry about before, it may be how the first row for the headache rotation.


But 92 degrees Fahrenheit sunny spot for fans sweat

At the same time Yankees fan (Jonathan Albaladejo) also extend Sabathia's arrogance, no rescue a Bureau of hits, no loss of points, helping the Yankees to 5 to 0 shutout athlete. Series-game sweep of the Yankees after the game not only activists and brought with the Tampa Bay Rays to win games to 1.5 games worse then opened to allow coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) happily said: "Well done, we will continue. "

But 92 degrees Fahrenheit sunny spot for fans sweat, but Sabathia is subversion "fat hate sweat" rumors, as he said: "I like sunny sunny and the next pitch, because sweat can make my more active arm compared to stretch. "

Sabathia in the season, had won 134 games 19 wins, will start next week against the Baltimore Orioles the first time in 20 career wins challenges, Shabaxiya think this is pretty cool although the goal, but he will team first and foremost, he said: "The Yankees are still fighting for the division title, as individual results on the Going to face."


Lit FireWire devaluation Brian Schneider

Before the Battle Kuroda frustrated the grievances, the Phillies today (1) actively vent head in Carlos Monasterios, 2,3 successively erupted third shot, blown stadium Dodge midst of the tumult, and closing 8 to 4 Triumph.

Lit FireWire devaluation Brian Schneider, Philadelphia Phillies catcher-third of the first dozen seats or reservation gun, the team The campaign to maintain its advantage, Schneider one hundred percent field-base percentage (1 H, 2 walks).

Comes back Ryan Howard, the past nine games in the credit book of "anonymous" speak out against rate of just 1 percent, and 36 contribute only a few dozen runs, tragedy swallowed 16K, until today, the first 3 innings center field only three bonus not to sweep away the clouds and allows the home fans barely see the sky.