Landscape Painting Beautiful Feeling to Pass

Breathe the air like spring grass, feel the breeze of spring, we always have to get out of impulse, but by a variety of practical factors in people's desire to travel is not always reached. Bo Po Art Network Xiaobian recommended that you wish to Bo Po Po-chun Mall Art Network viewing the beautiful scenery in the painting, also meet your viewing desires.
Bo Po network launched in the Korean art of landscape painting, is the art of Bo Po network with higher oil hit special, let's work revealed the spring in order to feel the rhythm in which the art of beautiful bar.
Oil painting artists, ceramic hybrid Jade serious money online film wins the right to the Korean well-known oil painter, July 21, 1966 was born in Pyongyang, Pyongyang University of Fine Arts in 1989, graduated from the Oil Painting Department in 1989 after the creation of the railway Fine Arts Club. Representative: "Three deep pool of white birch", "mountain evening fog", "small white water into the jungle shrouded in mist." Yan wins the right to look at the creation of this "potato flower aroma," the screen so that the viewer seems to feel the warm sun of the warm aroma of flowers. Distant shore of the river and even became a potato flower in the breeze, the flowers will be put to one side, one side will be put to good a beautiful landscape plan.
Jade porcelain painting artists oil paintings online miscellaneous coins Jinzhengtai Korean film the exploits of the famous artists, art of network users by Bo Po love, this "Maple Leaf season of" Autumn of the angles, good use of color to represent the author's ideas , both sides of the tree has been extended to the distance, bringing the viewer a strong artistic imagination. Bo Po arts network experts say, China's Korean landscape painting, although not as grand and imposing painting, but his right the beautiful scenery of North Korea, do not have a flavor.