Surprise in the Moment of Kiss

16 says: Kiss
Period: 1840
Creator: F.A. Moller Russia
Specification: 59cm × 65cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession at the: Russian Museum in St. Petersburg
Painter to the strict classical approach, depicting young men and women kiss of love. Confined to classical principles, the characters are too rational and calm. But the artist painted a very lifelike image, and the subtle observation of the performance of the young women and young men take the initiative to panic. Kiss the moment is a surprise, but also sweet.


Britain's Most Prestigious Academic painter--- Frederick

Frederick Clayton (Frederic Leighton, 1830 - 1896) 19th century Britain's most prestigious academic painter, his art of light and even brilliant dilutes the impact of Reynolds, became synonymous with the British Royal School in . Unlike most of 19th century painters, as Leiden and did not study at the Royal College of Art, he was in Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, received training in painting, in 1852 he moved to Rome to live classical art gave him great influence. In 1855, he returned to England, his work was exhibited Cimabue's Madonna Queen Victoria to buy, this is the turning point in his career. 1878, Leiden was elected (British) Royal Institute of Fine Arts. 1896 closure of Baron. He is the only award of the British painter. He died the same year.
Follow the classical rules of painting, the artist, to the rigorous academic painting, depicting wool wrapped around the mother and daughter. Young mother sitting on the bench, graceful way around the wool, dress showing the performance of the classical style; to give full focus to the little girl with her mother, twist the body, a childlike. Leiden classical approach to live performance, which works with the dull sense of rigidity and lack of true emotion showing the performance of the defect.


Rossetti's Paintings and Poems

Study from art history, art of Rossetti's thought is always more complicated, especially for the growing of industrial civilization and norms of social order there is a rejection of psychology. Handicraft products, especially those in his eyes is an ugly and crude, they lack individuality has no taste. He hopes to return even to follow the medieval tradition of natural artistic ideal to go, but he can not change reality. Rossetti is also a poet Li family, life, full of fantasy, especially in the love life suffered many ups and downs, reflected in the painting is an obvious symbolic overtones. Many of his inspiration from Dante and medieval literature, so in the work bears a very strong romantic fantasy colors, in addition to his work on behalf of "pipe dream", there are "Beata • Beiya Te Lisi, "" Lili Si wife ", etc., and have a greater distance with reality, but his paintings and poems have been descendants of the attention and respect, in the UK has a profound impact on art history.
Rossetti (Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1828---1882), was born in London, England, Italy, intellectual family, his father took part in early Italian revolutionary organization, and later pursued by the King of Naples and came to Britain from their homes, start a marriage kinds of relatively stable life, Rossetti is the parents of four children the eldest son, clever and smart young age, youth, poetry can be translated to paint. Admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1845, but soon the norms of the college-style sex education tired. In the future exploration and pursuit of his poetry and painting have reached a very high point, can be said that the artist's heyday, but love the ups and downs of life so that his paintings have a strong symbolic overtones, especially poetry and painting highly valued by future generations can, in the UK has a huge contribution to art history.


Popular Culture and Popular Advertising Image - Hamilton and "I Dreamed of Silver Christmas"

This is one with a record of the works of pop art, screen, records in the 1930s jazz Bin • kolas one hundred representatives of a large Hotel up the scene now, this is a blockbuster star, he had to the golden age of American entertainment industry has created numerous surprises. Picture of Bin • kolas one hundred handsome, with a classic smile, then said he was filming a dating scene, Hamilton used a very simple way - especially the black and white images to create special effects - so that the Stars of the personal charm was completely different from the flashy style, but show an elegant and full of meaning.
Hamilton is a British pop art movement of the founder, generally is considered to be Duchamp's Dada-style representation of people in the UK. For the star on the screen, Hamilton naturally can not be ignored, he will be placed in its representation kolas one hundred film "Silver Christmas" as the subject of painting. In a very long time, Hamilton always reflect the contemporary popular culture, and. Through the mass media, popular culture and advertising symbol specific to reflect the pop art movement. On the one hand, it is a popular way of life in Europe after the war as a powerful symbol; the other hand, it is also the first time in the art of visual symbolic sign, but also herald a new art movement will come. Hamilton in this work in the use of the image, reflecting the distinctive feature of pop art - the use of contemporary public communication, mass culture and popular advertising images to create works of art as a way to express understanding of the world and further understanding.