Mobile digital TV to achieve interoperability

In 2009, online shopping users to 108 million people the size of annual growth of 45.9%, is the user one of the fastest-growing e-commerce applications. The mobile payment era has truly arrived, the user through the mobile phone wallet credit card shopping, do not need to replace the user's mobile terminal, only need to replace a mobile wallet dedicated RFID-SIM card (no need to replace the mobile phone number), which will greatly improve the e-commerce immediate payment of the status quo.

At present, the domestic e-commerce has a clear-cut three characteristics: First, the traditional high Internet penetration, mobile Internet applications, low rate; second is a high security risk, credit rating is low; third is the input-output is high and talent is only a small 17% of businesses employ e-commerce professionals, 63% of companies need e-commerce professionals, talent shortage in China is still a major obstacle to development of electronic commerce.

To this end, National People's Congress, China Mobile [73.30 -0.61%], general manager of Guangdong, Xu recommends the adoption of "three strengthening" to speed up the building of e-commerce platform in order to "leveraging" the door to domestic demand.

Mobile electronic commerce has started, "everywhere"

When you see the long long long scenic spots such as the ticketing team startled when you are not interested in the use of "mobile ticketing" mean?

China Mobile Guangdong Branch has launched "mobile phone ticket" business, mobile phone users via Web or Wap Guangdong Mobile to enter the mall, you can directly purchase tickets scenic areas. Guangdong Mobile users reply with two-dimensional code, can go to for votes-point scanning, the exchange attraction tickets.

Not only is "cell phone ticket", mobile e-commerce has been extended to transportation, television, shopping in convenience stores and other aspects. In Guangzhou, mobile phones to facilitate the emergence of metro ticket a lot of passengers who take a lot of travel, "Brush Cell Phone" and out of Guangzhou subway station is a scene; in Jiangmen, Guangdong Mobile and broadcasting cooperation, "Real-time digital TV mobile payment services", can be video on-demand programming; Zhongshan country's first new approach based on USSD mobile payment vending machines, has become a "mobile phone stores", you can buy mobile phones drinks, food, daily necessities, and create a new type of retail business models; "mobile movie ticket "so many of his fans can be set via cell phone movie ticket .

Accelerate the building of e-commerce platform, "online line with both hands"

NPC deputy and general manager of China Mobile Guangdong, Xu said that to speed up the construction of e-commerce platform, first of all is to strengthen the construction of enterprise information, on-line to be a hard line. "Enterprise Management to move closer to information and build the basic platform of information technology, but also the establishment of information exchange in line with international norms, e-commerce platform for China's national conditions, the establishment of China's electronics [1.17 -2.50%] business norms." Xu said, China should learn from the international advanced technology, with our own intellectual property rights to promote e-commerce technology and product development, promote China's national independence, e-commerce industry.

"Second is to strengthen the network security building, where France outside France must be strong." Xu suggested that as soon as possible to develop e-commerce law and its implementing regulations, standardizing e-business operation process, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties concerned. At the same time, we must increase the investment in information security technology and R & D, security technology, e-commerce security system, the basic strategy, development and improvement of cryptographic techniques, authentication techniques, access control techniques and firewall technology to ensure the payment of network information and network security .

"Accelerating E-Commerce Platform, the third is to strengthen the Government's security system, people need to make more money." Xu believes that e-commerce in China is still at the initial stage, in order to protect e-commerce in our country healthy and smooth development, the establishment of a complete a comprehensive security system, the industry is necessary, especially in personnel training, suggested the Government set up a special talent to support high-end e-business capital, in housing, child education, health care, etc. give more preferential policies. At the same time, you can increase with the Hong Kong and Taiwan, foreign exchanges and cooperation in human resources, hiring and the introduction of high-level professionals.