La Lusha determine palm Cardinals continued to arms

Although the Cardinals new general manager in place yet, but De Witt, chairman of baseball (Bill DeWitt Jr.) Paixiong Shop assurance: "The new general manager must be able to work with Tony, if I can not, it will not be in the pellet consideration list. "

La Lusha determine palm Cardinals continued to arms, the majority of players are welcome, in addition to star third baseman Rolen (Scott Rolen), the last three years Rolen suffered a shoulder injury suffered a total absence of 176 games last year quarters During the game, La Lusha two will Rolen ice on the bench, deepening rift between the two, La Lusha admits: "I must be honest to face this problem, in addition to hope Rolen can stay healthy, but also look forward to the new season to have some new weather. "