Moderator Wallace sharp pungency of style

For his friend cum Yankees pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), to be admitted after McNamee blew the whistle in 2002 for the treatment of injuries, indeed injected human growth hormone, which, rockets were shocked, but that Pettitte is not clear approach.

Moderator Wallace sharp pungency of style, ask Rocket said: "Why on Pettitte said McNamee tell the truth, and how would you say a lie?" Rocket man says, this should be two completely different things, wise to avoid open problems.

Some people believe that McNamee's allegations, which the Rockets to a very angry person, "this is simply no basis for anything, Mike, I played baseball for nearly 25 years, do not you should have some respect for me you? Even if only a little bit too. "

"If I had injected drugs, needles and steroids come from then? Drug head again in there? Trouble out of you quickly come!" Rockets were ready to attend a Congress hearing, held a press conference tomorrow in Houston will continue to clarify their innocence.

In Wallace's pressed, the Rockets were agreed to participate in a polygraph test "can ah! But I do not know the lie detector results good or no good for me." The doping controversy, the Rockets have frustrated his program several times that they were going to retire, we "may" no longer see him pitch a.