However, the performance of his poor start to the season

However, the performance of his poor start to the season, starting the first 5 games by playing 32 of 23 Bureau of hits, including eight home runs, walked 15 cast, defense rate of 9.78. Skip the rotation gradually got hot, May 13 to 11 July between the Council were to vote only to be hit 7 of 72 home runs, a defense was only 2.75, as the most stable team start, unfortunately the lack of support teammates score, won 4 lost only 6 wins.

But after the change-Star Game, he was hit later this quarter as many as 35 Council 11 home runs, 23 strikeouts and threw 15 walks, 6.69 ERA was terrible, scored 2 wins and 2 losses. More seriously, many of his ball down, even lower than his average rate last year, now only 85 miles fast ball.

Issued before the war starts the Seattle Mariners, he was hit eight 3 Security Council, including three home runs, after the game was dragged into the rotation, adjust back to bullpen, leaving the vacancy by the rookie Nova (Ivan Nova) replacement. Vazquez total of 9 wins and 9 lost season record, 4.96 ERA.