A-Rod in December two thousand years AD

Major League Baseball MLB Star A-Rod Rodriguez Baseball today to scale new record maximum price contract with the New York Yankees contract years, the amount of 275 million U.S. dollars (about 8.9 billion NT dollars dollars).

A-Rod in December two thousand years AD, with the Texas Rangers have signed ten years, the amount of 252 million U.S. dollars, setting a record of highest paid baseball earlier. In 2004 he was traded to the Yankees this year on October 28 Major League World Series hit the last game, he announced the cancellation became a free agent with the Yankees, but the twists and turns are still renewed.

Elected three times as the most valuable player of A-Rod in the video about the proposed meeting about the tortuous process said: "This whole thing seems just like a roller coaster ride, very exciting. All along, I know I or would like to make a Yankee. "