Since the Yankees took no 2001 world champion

Yankees 17, Tampa, Florida, held at the headquarters of high-level meeting pellets for attention at coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) be removed from office, and not a resolution, but according to New Jersey media, rumor is most likely to replace Torre location of bench coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly) to the top revealed that at present no plan to take over the Yankees to arms.

Since the Yankees took no 2001 world champion, is even more recent three quarters of all first round Chuang, however, Torre naturally become the media "flak", but happens Torre's coaching style popular players love, so the big players Rivera (Mariano Rivera), Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez), Clemens (Roger Clemens) have come out even behind, the pressure of public opinion harmony with the team how to handle your boss (George Steinbrenner) dilemma.