Home run king Bonds (Barry Bonds) with the wife of the times

Home run king Bonds (Barry Bonds) with the wife of the times, the first time to attend the San Francisco federal court for perjury and other 5 drugs charges, he argued his innocence.

Bonds and his wife attended, the site attracted hundreds of eager television media interviews, some people call him, has fans hold high the "liberation of Bonds," the billboard support, the court, when the judge charged the five Bonds presented evidence of and that if lie could face jail after asking whether the guilty plea Bonds, Bonds argues his innocence, a judge ruled last year on Feb. 7 hearing retrial.

Bonds is suspected of four years ago, "the Bay Area Laboratory steroid scandal" of lying to investigators, in mid-November by the United States federal grand jury in connection with four perjury, one count of obstruction of justice and other prosecution, if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years, but some legal experts speculate that he did two and a half years at most in prison, but he accumulated 10 years in the MLB's reputation and create the home run record will come to naught.

43-year-old Bonds out of court smiling, waving and the use of eyes to support his fans hands. Bonds later issued his official website, stated, "I still have confidence in the verdict, especially by the citizens jury to the verdict. I know that when this matter after the end of my innocence and also because I am innocent. "