Rockies 4 games to the starting task to the Kirk

Nearly a month to write the legendary Rocky dark horse team in the World Series into the plight of 0-3 years, to row 4, while the reversed field is almost "mission impossible", the historical experience of 22 never had.

Rockies this from time to admit defeat easily, "We are in the final 22 games in with him, and then swept those teams," Matsui said through an interpreter Yang Jia-head, "the present situation, it is encouraging us to move forward line." To reverse 0 : 3 absolute disadvantage, as the first one to win the World Series comeback team, the Rockies think they hold the bottom with elastic after, as the end of season tournament win in 22 games as 21 games.

Hawkins (LaTroy Hawkins) that there is a chance to fight, "We have to strike back in full tomorrow, whether to use kick, claw, poke hard, or I can do any of us to win."

"We have a good one, when we are in trouble, we again stand up and prove everyone wrong," added outfielder Hope (Brad Hawpe) said: "Now we are in trouble, this victory from us only a thin 4 field only, we are ready to do his best. "

Rockies 4 games to the starting task to the Kirk (Aaron Cook), he was on August 10 after muscle injury, there is no longer registered to vote Ban Zhu, "If anyone can do that Ke grams, "reliever Heiges (Matt Herges) said:" I mean, Kirk is a race I had read the most tenacious player, he is a player I need at this crisis moment, he is the season No. 1 pitcher. "Kirk will face Red Sox left-hander Rust (Jon Lester), opponents are 4:0 to shoulder the responsibility of Los Angeles swept.

"Maybe not previously reached," Rocky coach He more (Clint Hurdle) said: "But if there is which team can do, I think we can do (reversal of)."