This is from the Rocky Ubaldo Jimenez

Orioles before the field was off the hook, his career accomplishments are not the ideal play against Tiger's Matt Garza, today (27) reminding us of scenes in the home of God come to earth, no hits, 9 Bureau of the contents of 5 to 0 to help the team humiliated visitors, and a light team performed the first no-hitter in the history of the pitcher.

This is from the Rocky Ubaldo Jimenez, activist Dallas Braden, Philadelphia Roy Halladay, Diamondbacks Edwin Jackson, the Major League season this year, appeared in the 5th no-hitter, which Braden and Roy Halladay is a more rare perfect game .

Garza The campaign only "flaw" is the No. 2 Board Brennan Boesch cast walks the Council after the end of the dual-kill on behalf of Garza in the most streamlined solution to 27 batters.