Lightning hatchetman dissatisfied with the conservative tactics of threats to leaving the team

Following Tomlinson, the Lightning team could lose another generals, most recently starting cornerback Antonio - Cromartie who threatened to leave because of the current dissatisfaction with the team's defensive tactics.

Cromartie In an interview with a radio interview in San Diego made the remarks when he thinks the time has come to change, he said: "It may be time to move forward, I have been on the same subject to the coach complained about the way we play They also know my opinion, but if now parted ways, but also God's will, it is likely to happen, but I am still willing to finish my contract in San Diego. "Cromartie's biggest complaint is the teams played conservative, only would like to strengthen the red zone defense, lightning team in 2007 team won 30 steals, while the past two seasons a total of only 29 times.

Cromartie said: "For me, I feel we have too much action in the red zone a number of intensive, I used to always say, we have the best two cornerback, I and Quentin - Jia Moer, we can control a larger area of defense, not the man to man, I would like Dageng active defense, let us come in handy for tough and ability to it, as I do, as the first two years. "last season, Cromartie had bragging to break Dick - Lane to create a single-season record of 14 steals, but in the end he only contributed two steals, becoming the League a laughing stock, while off over the years Zhanhuarecao he finally gets his just desserts, live In the five states of the seven children were identified as was his natural, over the past two years, he fought a total of five times paternity lawsuit.

Although the media have speculated that Cromartie will go person, but he revealed and general manager AJ Smith has not spoken to this issue he was prepared threw broker, if the transaction, he became the second this year, leaving the team after LT stars , Cromartie said: "I think they make a change this year, especially those looking forward to extend the contract, if the rumors I have heard that the transactions become a reality, I am not surprised, this is the business market, next year if I still Here, I will play my best, if I could not play, I will go to try his luck somewhere else, I will do my best to help the team. "