History has not yet were two single-season and more than 2000 yard

Johnson said: "In the MVP Award that I have not even one vote, in the end want me to do what they do? Like my rookie season last year, as quarterback is always an advantage in the poll." Johnson said last year, The best rookie award, Falcons quarterback Matt - Ryan was the first, Johnson second place, but is certain is that, no matter how biased the judges quarterback, if Johnson can keep the magic play, he was The awards will be expected sooner or later, he said: "With those objectives, I am more looking forward to next year, I have crossed the 2,000 yards, do not know what people still think this is not enough, is not only less likely to break the record of it." Titan team experienced a six-game losing streak earlier this season, Johnson did not follow the team sink, but always maintained a high efficiency, helping the team to achieve the final eight and losing eight wins, Johnson has three single-season, more than 85 yard of the red ball reached the end zone, not even any other player in his career to complete this feat, he has 11 consecutive games with a red ball more than one hundred yards into the next season, Barry - Sanders 100 yards in 14 consecutive games to break the record of waiting for him to .

Titans quarterback Vince - Young, said: "I am very pleased to be his partner, and make history with him, he will become a great player, and he is the second-year rookie, too crazy." History has not yet were two single-season and more than 2000 yard, but Titans coach Fisher and Johnson that the record is very unwise to bet, he said: "I think he had the opportunity to record, because he is young, he was very special and the potential to achieve can change the results of the competition. "