Section competition more intense

Section competition more intense. The two sides continue to score, the score every bend. First Vikings striker Ryan Longwell hit the ball 30 yards positioning. Then, the Raiders quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Pass from Tight end John Madsen., 10 array with size! Pretend the score 10-12. In the defensive group forced the Vikings lose the ball on several occasions, the Polish guns Janikowski convert it into a three-ball scores, respectively, 30 yards, 42 yards, and 49 yards. In addition, the Vikings running back Chester Taylor bolted 38 yards touchdown. Half before the end of the two sides into a 19-19 tie war.

Section III, both offensive and defensive tempo slowed down, with only 38 yards through the Vikings locate the ball, one-third of revenue.

Soon began the fourth quarter, with favorable climate and geography of the Vikings again, scoring touchdowns, or running back Chester Taylor. This game, his ball 22 times, ran forward to attack up to 164 yards! Section IV, paragraph 11 minutes, Janikowski launched into his first five games of this position the ball 52 yards of the long-range artillery. Rewrite the score 22-29, the gap between the two sides is only one touchdown. Whistle before the Raiders would have been equalized opportunities, but the two turnovers ruined opportunity to finally come to grief Minnesota.