Vikings running back Peterson team's strong performance in the game

This year's best rookie, Vikings running back Peterson team's strong performance in the game, red ball 16 times 129 yards, two touchdowns, get All-Star Game MVP. This is the second rookie All-Star Game MVP . Cowboys Terrel Owens 8 times outside to take over the ball 101 yards 2 touchdowns. AP is the Tiger team is taking over TJ (Houshmandzadeh) center stage, two touchdowns.

Section 1 start, Midland first attack. Manning battle two long pass Lightning Team Tight Gonzales, one 29 yards, one 25 yards, and then again a long pass to the Browns 31 yards outside the take over Edwards, a direct advance to the League of Nations 1 yard line. Lightning team's second full-Wei Chong Neal success of the ball 1 yard touchdown. The attack, Lightning coach is clearly intended to bring the team's all-star team faceless one. AP only seven offensive plays 70 yards on the smooth progress of touchdowns and 7 to 0 lead.

The League of Nations to be outdone, American League kick-off by Bears star Hester back to the offensive attack back 39 yards to the 46 yards at the League of Nations. Mo go into battle if the Cowboys quarterback, no less than three attacks, 49 people team Punt Punt hand Andy Lee cosmetic result, a long pass 11 yards to the Vikings full-Wei Tony Richardson, to reach the first attack (first down). If the silent play continue to attack, the last recorded six yards a pass to the Cardinals team is to take over Fitzgerald touchdowns, tying the score.

League of Nations kick-off has also been attacked 41 yards back to AP, 42 yards from the side line of its attacks. Manning with the team all-star running back outside to take over Wayne, and Addai matching step by step, the last 16 yards to pass Bengals TJ touchdowns to go-ahead 14 to 7.