Rugby video help Sandra - Bullock get Oscar

82 Annual Academy Film Awards has just been awarded the best actress award with the United States known as the well-known actress Tian Jie Sandra - Bullock with the theme of football film "weakness (The Blind Side)", also translated as "warmth Rugby "gains Actress award.

35-year-old Sandra - Bullock has been fought for many years in Hollywood, with "American Tian Jie," said. But even though fame has been a long time, but Sandra - Bullock has always been a commercial film of "silly big sister" image seen by others, over the years for its affirmation of acting on is not much, but last year, a "weak spot" Querang Sandra - Bullock's acting career has made a new breakthrough.

As the current Oscar-winning "actress," a popular candidate, Sandra - Bullock had previously with the "weakness" in an outstanding performance gains of the Golden Globe for best dramatic actress, as well as including the Screen Actors Guild Awards within a multi-station, "a prelude to Oscar," actress award. This time Oscar-winning actress showdown, be able to Sandra - Bullock pose a substantial threat to basically only two-time Oscar winner Meryl - Streep (a main one with).

Finally the last winner Sean - Pan announced this year's Academy Award winner actress Sandra - Bullock beat Meryl - Streep rival gains such a public honor, this is Sandra - Bullock I The first Academy Award, also in the current Academy Awards, the sports film and the gains only a privilege previously though Morgan - Freeman and Matt - Damon in the other a football theme of the movie "invincible ( Invictus) "in both nominated for best actor and best supporting actor award, but eventually playing with toys.

"Vulnerability (The Blind Side)" According to the U.S. National Football League players popular Michael - Auch true story. Tells the story of actress Anne (Sandra - Bullock) Adoption of 18-year-old black big man Mike, and help him weak and inward-looking boy from the character to change into a single file at the football field side of the story of the dazzling star. In addition to Best Actress Award, the Oscar of the film also won the best film award nominations.