Substitute old friends to pull strings through the screen Shu gas

A resuscitation, two back to cooked, warm friendship Saliboli and Sandler's six or seven years, for them, "The Longest Yard" and the premiere date is the anniversary of a victory. In the NFL's court after the replacement of 10 years, Saliboli says that he rarely has such a happy time. In fact, since he officially retired in 1997, it has been in a number of positions was removed with, and sometimes television guest commentator, sometimes go to a team's assistant coach to stay sitting for a few days. And because Sandler's go-between, Saliboli crew not only have to experience as professional advisers, after which the drama is still another official bright phase.

The film "Benchwarmers" tells the story is simply Saliboli. Accustomed to the back seat sat three young men in despair, can only be watched all day inside his companions on the pitch, flanked lonely hearts no better. Later, a wealthy money to support them and it was played while the Saliboli played Golden effect of the black-faced coaches corner. Although this is only the inspirational theme of the Ministry of baseball comedy, but buried knot of Saliboli it, how much comfort or a starting point for the role. Of course, there is no acting experience, the reason why he will enter the crew relied on the Road Sandler really is a back door. Which although not involved in shooting the film, but living in the same production company, Xinggefangpian and play sound greet thing, but Sandler is not stingy.

Coincidentally, that is, at the end of shooting the film, after Saliboli and ESPN signed a contract from the chipping away the temporary guide, upgrade to full-time employees. And are always on the screen show "stupid people have stupid fu" movie code Sandler office for a long time, he seems like a bit of luck is also assigned.