San Francisco 49ers and David - Karl contract for two years

This week, a San Francisco 49ers and free agent quarterback David - Karl signed a two-year contract, while they and Detroit to reach an agreement with the reserve quarterback Sean - Hill exchange Lions in 2011 as a picks.

Karl said that San Francisco is very attractive, because he came from California, but also where he might get playing time in his first two seasons for the New York Giants Eli - Manning playing substitute. 49ers coach Mike - Singletary has repeatedly said that the 2005 champion Alex - Smith is the team's starting quarterback, but does not rule out an experienced can promote the progress of a quarter of Smith Wei challenge playing time. "They said that they liked the competition," Karl said. "It makes you feel better. If I knew I recognized the way, and by their play, I will have the opportunity to play. Once I play, I felt confident, self-confident we will be playing well."

Carr, who has eight years of NFL veteran of the 2002 team was the Houston Texans first-round first pick. In his rookie season as the only union on the new army starter kill a total of 76 captured. Texas man team for the effectiveness of five seasons, he's passing success rate is 60%, 59 touchdowns passes, 65 were steals, quarterback rating of 75.5. In the 76 games he participated in 249 plays captured kill. Manning played in a note to the bench two seasons before the 2007 season for the Carolina Panthers, he played six times, including four starts.