Kuo batter again show restraint skill

Kuo batter again show restraint skill, yesterday the Yankees, Dodgers Game 2 inter-union competition, Kuo on the board early in the six Council board to replace Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. He cast 1.2 The Board can not lose points, scored the first 12 relay points, and then earned run average dropped to 1.16.

Kuo Dodge when playing the leading 7 to 4, Yankees 1 out, 1, second base with runners on. For the sake of insurance, the old coach Joe Torre early release Kuo, and he delivers the goods, first struck out Jeter, Jorge Posada pinch again to solve, defuse the crisis.

7 inning Kuo continue to vote, let Ta Xiela hit a fly ball out to right field; another strikeout A-Rod, the last one ball is 96 miles (nearly 155 km) of the speed ball, A-Rod can only stand and watch helpless through the strike zone. Then let AP Kuo, "against the king," Cannone labeled pitcher before the balls, the successful conclusion of the last half. He faced a total of 5 people, not knock hits, sending 2K, performed perfectly.

Dodge won the last 9 to 4, Kuroda won 7 wins (5 lost); Yankees Barnett situation remains in the doldrums, 6, 5 starts, the month of actually Kutun 5 game losing streak, cast 23 Bureau, lost 29 points, are responsible for loss, one-month rate of 11.35 ERA.