Red Sox's Butterfly Ball master Wakefield (Tim Wakefield) disorders

Red Sox's Butterfly Ball master Wakefield (Tim Wakefield) disorders, this time on the Devil Rays, and the Taipei Bureau of time on the 24th vote was 5 to play seven hits, off 4 points, Red Sox comeback weakness, eventually lost 4:5 ball.

This game, although Wakefield sent five strikeouts, but walked three times, 2 Board was Yonge (Delmon Young) hit two points is the fatal shot, "I'm not able to get out of the shadow of defeat, "Wakefield said after the game:" Although we have to make the playoffs, but we expected to win the division title. "Wakefield has been the bane Devil Rays, play against the road several times before, record is bright 9 wins 0 lose the eye, his career against the Devil Rays, is 19 wins and 2 losses, the failure of his 1st home in the Devil Rays lose.

"I actually not bad condition," Wakefield said: "But the first two inning hit 2 points Yonge gun, hurt me a lot, they (Tampa Bay) played well today, I can not suppress their lives play line. "

Yonge after the game, said: "I do not know what happened, he just threw the ball very common, and I will bat hit the lackluster, did not expect this wave of the whole base on Hui Chu play, you may find it amazing, but before the fight and I did not make much difference. "

As the Yankees to 7-5 win Blue Jays in the AL East leading niche that war, and the Red Sox's margin of victory shrink to 1.5 games.