Hit the first home run of the Youjilisi Council

Hit the first home run of the Youjilisi Council, then a base hit Red Sox lead the second wave of attack, Ortiz followed up on a career in the playoffs for the ninth Red let, this two- Sub-gun depth right field bleachers, so the Red Sox won three in a leading zero, followed by Luo Yier supplemented on a first base hit, walked back through to second base and wild pitch on the Manny Ramirez, Red Sox four points lead on performance is impeccable Becket is more than enough.

This is the Red Sox since October 27, 2004 swept the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series championship, the first win in the playoffs.

American League first round second match tomorrow will be the Cleveland Indians against the Yankees at home. Red Sox and Angels tomorrow truce day on the 5th the Red Sox home rematch.