Tyler Clippard play backup Unexpectedly

8 Bureau under, Tyler Clippard play backup Unexpectedly, walked the first batter Wieters name after the Scott Moore was hit by pinch guns blasted two points, followed by Cesar Izturis and Corey Patterson hit consecutive hits to the Orioles in this council, one tone than the number of tied.

9 Board after the next one out, Clippard has walked Wieters, was again hit on Moore hit a barrier, was for immediately end. While taking over the Terminator Matt Capps Lugo hit a standard for a successful double play ball, but second baseman Guzman fatal errors occur, mass violence occurs when a mass base, so easily back to home plate end of the game Wieters and closing Orioles Take 7 more than 6 wins.

Orioles Patterson and Nick Markakis had three hits in a single field performance, while the Orioles winning hero Authority under the pinch of course is 8 points and win two guns, led the Orioles last-minute counterattack, Moore, he played today, the number 2 hits 2 , scored two runs.