Today, both teams starting pitcher with outstanding performance

7, the turn counter-offensive launched Philadelphia, Rollins (Jimmy Rolins) in one out one base hit after hit, Weitelinuo (Shane Victorino) supplemented the one immediately, Wu Teli (Chase Utley ) get the ball touch body walks Phillies captured bases-loaded situation, Howard (Ryan Howard) hit infield grounder, Del Gado attempted double play, but pass the deadly mistakes occur, the first Phillies team to recover than the number of a 2 to 2 tie, then relying on Wordsworth (Jayson Werth) ahead of a barrier than a few hits, back to second base on runner Wu Teli, Philadelphia Fandao ahead 3-2. mlb jerseys

Today, both teams starting pitcher with outstanding performance, the Phillies starting pitcher Maya (Jamie Moyer) pitched 6 start Bureau, gave up four hits and lost 2 points to obtain pitcher ERA (1 win 0 lose); Metropolitan starting pitcher Perez (Oliver Perez) pitched 5.2 Council hit in the three hits, did not lose any points, unfortunately do white workers, lost vote is swallowed Metropolitan 7 on rescue Xiaenweisi (Scott Schoeneweis) (0 wins and 1 loss).

It is worth mentioning that the Phillies star second baseman Wu Teli received a single field physical touch the ball three walks tied the American League single game was touch the ball most of the records themselves.