Fourth Jushang Ban Board, the Dodgers walked poor defensive guerrilla Padres first base

Fourth Jushang Ban Board, the Dodgers walked poor defensive guerrilla Padres first base, while the No. 5 player Amblers (Ambres) in center field doubles the direction of a mind to return to home plate scoring teammates well, which is the Padres in the game's first points in the win, while he himself on the doubles,. At this point 23 Mello (Myrow) with hits on the first base, Amblers from second base to third base on a form no one out, third base was a good situation. 62 Qigewala (C-Guevara) to catch the ball by the other shortstop, Padres was a double play, but the third base runner to flee back to home plate is divided, Padres catch up once again to complete the performance, will chase the score 2-3.
Lens 4
Bureau of the fourth game in the second half, with No. 80 Dodge team doubles advantage of the opportunity on to second base. And the MLB star's first home run - the first for the Dodgers yesterday, scoring a record 22 open Lampard finally play, but unfortunately did not play yesterday, the mighty, the infield fly ball was then killed.
Lens 5
Fifth Jushang Ban Board, Dodgers pitcher for the replacement of 37 Penney (Penny). Padres of 78 brave to bat in the discount. 65 Yisenboge (Isenberg) marked in center field to first base Fangxiang An, 60, Gardner (M Gardner) is Dodgers pitcher walked four balls on the base, forming a Padres, second base was the situation. 12 Dafan Agriculture (J DaVanon) hit a record along the third base hits and home plate to help his teammates ran smoothly 2 points! He himself on to doubles, good along! Padres to 4-3 this will overtake the score.
This situation is not half the bureau's score to an end. Dodge 5 Amblers field access when the Chinese and foreign fly with the mistakes, Da Fan farmers back to Current Class score, while Amblers himself up to second base.
Dodge lost the next one-third of this Council, relief pitcher to replace 60 Procter (S Proctor) play.
Lens 6
Seventh Jushang Ban Bureau, Padres 11 Barit (M Barrett) in second, third base was one person out of the case the direction of ground ball hit the guerrilla, the Dodgers second base runner caught in a rundown, but the priest team third base back to home plate and then the next points, the clergy and this could extend the score to 6-3 advantage. It is worth mentioning that the Padres in the 13th Clark (T Clark) discount the bat, lead to hush surprised.
Overall, this stadium is much better than yesterday, but the situation of two teams attacking each other extremely strong, wonderful lens confusing.