Marbury sought after in a very excited

"I did not expect so many people have come to meet me!" When you see the hundred-band isolation media, the original boundaries of the Marbury rubbed his eyes to the spirit, the scene a big show of the Chinese, "I love you." Beijing January 26 evening 10:30, wore CBA's largest foreign aid identity card Marbury appeared Taiyuan Wusu Airport. On-site pick up the hundred for the first time the media to interview Marbury caused melee. From their arrival Koudao parking area, just 50 meters away, Marbury even walk for 10 minutes.

Marbury arrived at the airport from there 1 hour Wusu airports hundred gathered in the media, in order to prevent on-site disorder, the site is also linked up with segregation, but also deliberately deployed 10 security guards to maintain order. 22:30, with the iconic bald an appearance, Wai fans in an isolated band kept on shouting, "Marbury! Marbury!" Wearing a gray down jacket, blue jeans Maputo Village shoulders carrying bags, after a long flight 16 hours non-stop rubbing his eyes. With the "Baixinho" the appearance, on-site instant chaos, red in the front row of photographers and the security of non-stop in front of tear, flash flash into a. Marbury apparently overawed in front of the scene, and was prepared to out of the zone of separation, he can only stand in situ wait staff to maintain order.

However, people always like to be surrounded by the spirit of Marbury came about and kept outside the exclusion zone with the media and fans must raise the banner greeting, in the face area of separation to identify their own fans demand a photo, "Baixinho" it is subversion of the Snob field image of the lower body put V-sign, connecting with six or seven fans, photo, and non-stop in Chinese saying "I love you." "I did not expect so many people coming to pick me, I'm excited!" Push forward the six of luggage, Marbury hundred reporters in front of difficult, from the arrival Koudao parking area, just 50 meters away, he foot enough to walk for 10 minutes, eventually taking the team arranged Custer minibus left the airport.

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