Self-entertainment meditation allows you to speed up weight loss

We have long to live in a stressful society, relationships with others, work, units, families and heterosexual troubles are caused by pressure on the reasons for, and the "slimming" This desire can not be met will also generate pressure. Some people are too eager to lose weight, it will cause excessive drinking or eating disorders such as poor feeding, I have treated some patients, there are many people due to the long-term over-eating and vomiting, has sprouted a spit cocoon (to spit eating food, will be hand into the mouth, resulting in back of the hand has been bitten out of the teeth cocoon child).

Of course, these examples are extreme, but there are a lot of people through eating and drinking to relieve stress is a fact. The result is naturally fat. Moreover, the time to lose weight, "originally did not want to eat eat" has become a new pressure, to reduce this pressure, some people once again fell into a vicious cycle of overeating.

In the case of lack of energy weight loss, is caused by eating disorders and weight loss the main cause of failure. So, what should we do to alleviate the stress it .

In response, the autonomic nervous system training method (through the body to relax and relaxation, so that mental and physical stability of the method obtained previously for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders, mental illness, is now popular as a general opening to the health of therapy), and yoga, Taijiquan, Qigong is very effective.

In addition, meditation and self-suggestion and other means are also very effective. For example, imagine yourself look thinner, or specific description about "If I have a handsome boyfriend, then Sunday I have to date him " and so on. Specialized medical terminology called "free association", that is portrayed through the mind, specifically to carry out their own side of good self-control method.

We may all know, many athletes usually have a "impression of training." This training method is to repeatedly imagine the sight of their own success, such as "I want to break each other's defense netted a goal," "I want to break a continuous super-difficult skill moves" and so on to make it enter the brain, in the end is really The same scenes play an active role.
Elimination of self-depression, and create a good self-image, is to lose weight, fit and effective means.

According to another report, the United States and the Netherlands, physician, for the fast-paced life gave rise to fatigue, to promote a self-care law - meditation reverie. This method is reportedly thinking of a special Naishi relaxation exercise can reduce fatigue and conducive to the promotion of human thought and creativity to a variety of diseases, prevention and treatment.

Meditation reverie method is:

Back chair, head or by, or inclined, go with the flow, turn a blind eye meditation. I thought about what should be a happy past, but also the beautiful scenery of nature, however, in a space in the vast sea of galaxies and Yi drift boats, and a wide range of thinking, colorful and quite fun picture.

Experts said that although so far not been clarified reverie to meditate on the treatment information is provided by the brain to pass to each cell the exact mechanism, but there are two things are sure: First, the fate of the immune system substances can play a good role in promoting; Second, is to the left side of the brain, freed from the language activity, and in the information state, so full visual image of the right brain thinking, so that workers often use hand language writers and good thinking person's left brain prone to fatigue and timely recovery, and improve work efficiency.