Rossetti's Paintings and Poems

Study from art history, art of Rossetti's thought is always more complicated, especially for the growing of industrial civilization and norms of social order there is a rejection of psychology. Handicraft products, especially those in his eyes is an ugly and crude, they lack individuality has no taste. He hopes to return even to follow the medieval tradition of natural artistic ideal to go, but he can not change reality. Rossetti is also a poet Li family, life, full of fantasy, especially in the love life suffered many ups and downs, reflected in the painting is an obvious symbolic overtones. Many of his inspiration from Dante and medieval literature, so in the work bears a very strong romantic fantasy colors, in addition to his work on behalf of "pipe dream", there are "Beata • Beiya Te Lisi, "" Lili Si wife ", etc., and have a greater distance with reality, but his paintings and poems have been descendants of the attention and respect, in the UK has a profound impact on art history.
Rossetti (Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1828---1882), was born in London, England, Italy, intellectual family, his father took part in early Italian revolutionary organization, and later pursued by the King of Naples and came to Britain from their homes, start a marriage kinds of relatively stable life, Rossetti is the parents of four children the eldest son, clever and smart young age, youth, poetry can be translated to paint. Admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1845, but soon the norms of the college-style sex education tired. In the future exploration and pursuit of his poetry and painting have reached a very high point, can be said that the artist's heyday, but love the ups and downs of life so that his paintings have a strong symbolic overtones, especially poetry and painting highly valued by future generations can, in the UK has a huge contribution to art history.