Britain's Most Prestigious Academic painter--- Frederick

Frederick Clayton (Frederic Leighton, 1830 - 1896) 19th century Britain's most prestigious academic painter, his art of light and even brilliant dilutes the impact of Reynolds, became synonymous with the British Royal School in . Unlike most of 19th century painters, as Leiden and did not study at the Royal College of Art, he was in Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, received training in painting, in 1852 he moved to Rome to live classical art gave him great influence. In 1855, he returned to England, his work was exhibited Cimabue's Madonna Queen Victoria to buy, this is the turning point in his career. 1878, Leiden was elected (British) Royal Institute of Fine Arts. 1896 closure of Baron. He is the only award of the British painter. He died the same year.
Follow the classical rules of painting, the artist, to the rigorous academic painting, depicting wool wrapped around the mother and daughter. Young mother sitting on the bench, graceful way around the wool, dress showing the performance of the classical style; to give full focus to the little girl with her mother, twist the body, a childlike. Leiden classical approach to live performance, which works with the dull sense of rigidity and lack of true emotion showing the performance of the defect.