Popular Culture and Popular Advertising Image - Hamilton and "I Dreamed of Silver Christmas"

This is one with a record of the works of pop art, screen, records in the 1930s jazz Bin • kolas one hundred representatives of a large Hotel up the scene now, this is a blockbuster star, he had to the golden age of American entertainment industry has created numerous surprises. Picture of Bin • kolas one hundred handsome, with a classic smile, then said he was filming a dating scene, Hamilton used a very simple way - especially the black and white images to create special effects - so that the Stars of the personal charm was completely different from the flashy style, but show an elegant and full of meaning.
Hamilton is a British pop art movement of the founder, generally is considered to be Duchamp's Dada-style representation of people in the UK. For the star on the screen, Hamilton naturally can not be ignored, he will be placed in its representation kolas one hundred film "Silver Christmas" as the subject of painting. In a very long time, Hamilton always reflect the contemporary popular culture, and. Through the mass media, popular culture and advertising symbol specific to reflect the pop art movement. On the one hand, it is a popular way of life in Europe after the war as a powerful symbol; the other hand, it is also the first time in the art of visual symbolic sign, but also herald a new art movement will come. Hamilton in this work in the use of the image, reflecting the distinctive feature of pop art - the use of contemporary public communication, mass culture and popular advertising images to create works of art as a way to express understanding of the world and further understanding.