Lit FireWire devaluation Brian Schneider

Before the Battle Kuroda frustrated the grievances, the Phillies today (1) actively vent head in Carlos Monasterios, 2,3 successively erupted third shot, blown stadium Dodge midst of the tumult, and closing 8 to 4 Triumph.

Lit FireWire devaluation Brian Schneider, Philadelphia Phillies catcher-third of the first dozen seats or reservation gun, the team The campaign to maintain its advantage, Schneider one hundred percent field-base percentage (1 H, 2 walks).

Comes back Ryan Howard, the past nine games in the credit book of "anonymous" speak out against rate of just 1 percent, and 36 contribute only a few dozen runs, tragedy swallowed 16K, until today, the first 3 innings center field only three bonus not to sweep away the clouds and allows the home fans barely see the sky.