Clayton Kershaw show the man guards the pass of the posture

Clayton Kershaw show the man guards the pass of the posture, so that the first home game of the Arizona Board 8 eggs hanging all the way, the Dodgers finally won by 3 to 1, the first to grab the first battle in the three wins, Lien Chan, and Hu Jinlong to starting shortstop in the game which posture of the debut.

In September to return to major league Hu Jinlong game which served as the starting shortstop for the first 8 bars, but Xiao-Hu did not grasp the opportunity to perform, 3 to play the number of all "bar tortoise", failed to win their hits. This is the second after 13, Hu Jinlong was re-starting the opportunity, but unfortunately the same as the last four 0, the Taiwan players to play as a starter but not when the hits, making this season's hit rate from 3 percent before the game 33 down to the current 2 percent 22.

Hu Jinlong today (25) bat when almost all the runners on base, but can not effectively promote the teammates. 3 innings at first base when the first fight against someone, but the second baseman on the Fanggao Fei Hu Jinlong knocked the ball is still a 5 inning when first base with runners, but labeled as the first base foul fly ball, 8-Agency is the first wreck were to touch Body Ball walked on base, and a 9 inning, second base was, Xiao-hu, or not meritorious deeds, labeled in the outfield fly ball was then killed.