Hughes first ball strike rate of 6 percent 36

Hughes first ball strike rate of 6 percent 36, ranked fifth in the AL, but obtain the strike does not mean he can successfully solve the batter, when Hughes came to two well without the ball a few balls, they were rate of 2 percent against 28, on base was 43, compared with 2 percent higher than the AL average of 1 percent and 2 percent 73 02. Hughes also other data is higher than average, it was "New Jersey Star-Ledger," points out.

The most obvious example is the Blue Jays in the face of strong play Wales 826 (Vernon Wells), he made two good shots to suffer after the last red to prevent; duel again yesterday, it hit in a two-run homer. The ball can not get rid of the number of advantage or Wales, Hughes had to bow to the opponent around the base when the meditation, "which in the end is how is it?" Wales career on the rate of 3 percent against Hughes were 20,2 H The season hit.

Whether or ball down the number of physical problems, Hughes was off the hook on the Blue Jays two consecutive remains an indisputable fact that, in addition to him, the Yankees starting pitching staff is also in a precarious state, Barnett (AJ Burnett) , Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) and Mosley (Dustin Moseley) General Order Girardi ill at ease, if the promotion playoffs, the defending champion Yankees to worry about before, it may be how the first row for the headache rotation.